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Mars in Cancer: Mars enters the Zodiac sign of Cancer on June 1, 2021 in North America and June 2, 2021 in India. Mars will be in Cancer until July 20.


Mars in Cancer


“Two planets control relationship: Mars and Venus. If Mars becomes bad or afflicted in one’s horoscope then this creates a lot of issues in relationship. They are fighting all the time or difficult to attract relationship. Venus creates problems like incompatibility, emotions, excessive emotions or no emotions at all, these kinds of issues. I am pretty sure, I am 100% sure that remedy for relationship problem should come from fixing Mars and Venus in people’s horoscopes.” ~ Dr. Pillai


Mars enters the Zodiac sign of Cancer on June 1, 2021 in North America and June 2, 2021 in India.

Mars will be in Cancer until July 20, 2021 in North America and India.

Every planet has a sign where he feels very strong or exalted in that environment, and every planet has a sign where he feels uncomfortable or debilitated in that environment. Cancer is the sign where Mars feels the least comfortable. His energy is more constrained in this location.

Mars has a fiery, masculine energy, and Cancer is an environment with watery, feminine energy. Mars cancer can feel a bit out of place in this location.

Cancer is the most emotionally sensitive of all the Zodiac signs. Mars can trigger fiery emotions during the time he is debilitated in Cancer. A positive way to channel some of that energy is to give assistance to those that one loves.


Mars Is a Planet of Action and Success

Saturn is the planet of perseverance and gives us the patience to put up with things we cannot change just yet. However, Mars likes to fix the problems that can be solved with immediate attention. He feels very satisfied when others are helped by direct actions.

Dr. Pillai has said when a planet is in debilitation, the archetype of that planet is actually coming closer to the Earth plane. We have an opportunity to connect with the planet more directly.

Mars often appears red in the night sky. He sometimes looks like a reddish, glowing charcoal. One of the Sanskrit names for Mars is Angaraka. This name conveys the idea that Mars looks like red like glowing embers.

Mars finds happiness in success, and he can motivate people to excel. He likes to be a winner.

Dr. Pillai has said, “Mars has competitive energy. Wearing something red on Tuesdays (the day of the week ruled by Mars) can help connect us with the success consciousness of Mars.”

During this period while Mars is in debilitation, we can put a bit more red into our wardrobe or into our environment (red towels or red pillows or red purse, etc.). We can ask Mars for his blessings of success consciousness.


Mars Is a Planet with Healing Energies

Some people are surprised to learn Mars has both warrior and healer energies.

While some people with strong Mars may serve in protective professions such as military, police, firefighter and so on, others may find themselves in healings fields as doctors, nurses or alternative healers.

In mytho-therapy, the mother of Mars is said to be the Earth Goddess Bhumi.

Earth Goddess Bhumi – Mother of Mars

Earth Goddess Bhumi – Mother of Mars


Having the Earth Goddess as his mother means Mars has association with auspicious things of the Earth. One of his names is Mangala, a word that means auspicious. A simple mantra for Mars that Dr. Pillai has shared is OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA.


Mars In Cancer May Help Some People Lose Weight

Mars is considered lean, as he is said to have no extra weight. His fiery energy burns up any extra fat. Some people may wish to use this period to ask help from Mars with weight loss. Some of us may have put on a few extra pounds during Covid lockdowns.

Mars in Cancer


Dr. Pillai has created some offerings for Spiritual Weight Loss. One of these is a 40-minute audio of Secret Yogic Techniques for Weight Loss. This has 4 meditations drawing on ancient sounds and techniques from the scientists of inner energies, the ancient yogis.

Some people may wish to experiment with these on a daily basis while Mars is in Cancer (June 1 – July 20, 2021) and see what results they get. Let us know how they work for you.


Mars Is the Planet of Willpower and Courage

Mars can give us willpower and courage, along with the ability to stick up for what we believe. It is said never oppose someone with strong Mars energy. Instead seek a compromise and play win-win.

Mars in Cancer



As mentioned earlier, Mars can give passion and energize our emotions.  The energy of Mars can be both constructive and destructive, so we pray for the wisdom to use energy from Mars appropriately.  He can give us vitality, love of adventure, strength and dexterity. Our English word “martial arts” comes from the same root as “Mars”.

Mars can also give luck, including even the luck to survive.

He rules bitter plants, including plants that are harvested for their medicinal value rather than their food value.


Suggestions for Home Remedies for Mars

Some people like to do home remedies for Mars while he is in Cancer. Home remedy suggestions for Mars include:

  • Make prayers to Mars for blessings for courage and protection as well as more vigor and stamina
  • Ask Mars to energize positive actions and important projects
  • Ask Mars for his fiery energy to help with weight loss
  • Wear something red on Tuesdays and ask blessings from Mars for success consciousness
  • Light ghee lamps for Mars
  • Do extra chanting of Mars mantra: Om Mangalaya Namaha
  • Offer Mars red beans or red lentils or red fruit
  • Read the 108 names of Mars and the commentaries on them in the Mars chapter of Yoga of the Planets: Their Mantras and Philosophy by Andrew Foss


Science News: Rovers On Mars From NASA and China Are Sending Back Photos in 2021

Both NASA and China currently have rovers on Mars to do exploration and send back photos. Fresh status updates are in the news right now on a regular basis.

NASA’s rover Perseverance and the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter are actively carrying out various flights and science missions on Mars. In addition, according to the New York Times:

“The Chinese rover Zhurong is carrying a number of instruments to study the planet’s topography, geology and atmosphere. One goal is to understand the distribution of ice in the region, which, in theory, could someday help sustain visits by people.


In a statement released by NASA on May 19, 2021, Bill Nelson, the agency’s administrator, congratulated the Chinese space agency on the first images.


‘As the international scientific community of robotic explorers on Mars grows, the United States and the world look forward to the discoveries Zhurong will make to advance humanity’s knowledge of the Red Planet,’ Mr. Nelson said in the statement.”


Practical Actions of Compassion

A gentle reminder that Mars and all the planets like it when we perform acts of compassion. It is always a good gesture to do an act of kindness for others such as feed a hungry person or help an elderly or a disabled person or make a donation to Dr. Pillai’s charity Tripura Foundation or any other planets charity of our choice.

Since Mars is an action-oriented planet, some people also make effort to help others get employment or help their subordinates to do well as a gesture to Mars. Others may take actions to help innocent people who are facing issues in litigation.

Some people may donate blood at blood bank or hospital as a compassionate gesture to honor Mars.

Some people like to make an extra gesture for Mars and do something to show support for police, firefighters, military or others who help us with protection, safety and security.

Others may wish to do something to support those doing front-line work as healers or do something for those who have been affected by illness.


May we attune to the positive blessings of Mars in Cancer and be especially considerate to our loved ones. We ask Mars to bless us, our families, our friends and our world.

May light encompass all.


Swamini Valli Wells is a Pillai Center Teacher who hosts free weekly Atomic Dreaming calls. She is also an AstroVed Astrologer who does Live Astrologer Consultations for the USD version of AstroVed, Dr. Pillai’s astrology site.

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