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Have you been trading your workouts for extra time at the office, working on data and information day and night? Are the details of your projects driving you crazy? I can already hear the collective affirmative reply.

You’re right—it’s been too long since you felt sporty and relaxed about your life and work.

In fact, when Mars is in Virgo and conjoined with Rahu, working at a sensible pace and spending time to care for yourself with a massage, enough exercise, some herbal supplements or a spa visit can take a back seat.

If you’ve been putting all your energy into helping others or in your business, the results are most likely keeping you frustrated and worried. You might even feel some irritation bubble up now and then.

But don’t worry: realizing where and why things went wrong is the same as finding a solution.

So below for you are two easy ways to take action on your behalf and restore your life to its former perfection, health and ease. You’ll then be able to really enjoy your holidays.

1. Realize your limits

We all need to feel empowered. And perfection (let’s confess it) is so appealing.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist myself. But I learned the hard way that I have limitations of energy and focus.

After giving birth to my second child—for example—I was left with the kind of joys and massive exhaustion that only having two children in three years can bring.

One fine day, I realized that all I wanted in the afternoon was locking myself in my bedroom and spending time alone, in absolute silence for at least one hour. That is when I hired a nanny. I admitted that while I liked being something like a supermom, the reality was that I needed rest.

So what if I had to give up a vacation or other luxury to pay for the nanny? It was totally worth it. I could then bask in the resulting peace and quiet and become a better, more energetic mom in the process.

The same goes for anyone on the verge of a breakdown: after reemerging from some quality me-time, you’ll feel happy, peaceful, stronger and ready to give your projects and others your full attention.

Needless to say, you can’t help anyone if you don’t take care of yourself, too.4

“This change will make me a better…” finish the sentence with the word that applies for you. Is it “professional, parent, friend, designer, healer?”

Choose one that applies to you.

Let’s go back to the planetary causes of your situation. Rahu in Virgo is never quiet—he’s working 24/7 to act like Mercury, the ruler of Virgo. This means he’s a bit obsessed with organization, media, words, numbers—noticed that? You probably did.

Also having both Mars and Rahu in this house explodes and magnifies all Mercury’s interests: speech, writing, artifact making, business interests, research and cleanliness.

Can you find out in which of the above areas you’ve been overdoing it?

The admission that you’ve put all your attention into some matters and neglected others to the detriment of your health and nervous system will create the needed shift.

A healthier diet, staying away from work at least once a week, turning off ALL your media outlets to take walks in nature will heal your frustration and melt away your stress.

2. Faster solution

The second and probably the most effective shift to fix an out-of-hand situation is a spiritual one.

As Dr. Pillai teaches, no matter what problem you’re facing in your life, the spiritual solution is the best.

So if you’ve felt overworked and frustrated, you can reach out to professionals who offer time-tested spiritual techniques that bring quick solutions.

If you’ve been studying with Dr. Pillai, you probably know that fire rituals—or Fire Labs as Dr. Pillai calls them—act like a remote control to end suffering and bring you desirable results.

You can choose to work with one or both planets and order a specialized ritual.

As an additional energetic tool, you can use mantra recitation—or uttering the planets’ special vibrational sounds. You can also talk to these celestial bodies and their overlords with respect and sincerity.

You will then gain peace, energy, new ideas and increased creativity for your beloved projects.

Below are the sounds for Mars and Rahu. You can chant them 108 times on Tuesdays or Mondays:




Enjoy the energies!

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by Lalitha Devi




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