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We all want to be happy—this is probably the strongest indication that human beings share some universal needs.

Can you imagine being able to end the bad karma that has caused your failed relationships, bad health conditions and mediocre financial status? Can you melt away all your stress at once?

You can—by simply taking a few steps into an energetic vortex in India.

Dr. Pillai Explains How

“Some sacred spaces and geographical locations absorb your bad karma [or the results of your past mistakes] as soon as you walk into them.

“The Siddhas and Rishis built sacred temples, which are nothing other than karma-dissolving structures.2

“Some of the temple complexes contain water with unique characteristics: the power to wash away one’s karma.

“Coming into contact with both this space and with its water is therapeutic.

Invisible Helpers

“Some Deities, or call them Beings, Gods, Angels, preside over the space within these temples. When you get in touch with their energy, it leads to the removal of your karma. I will teach how that works.

Miraculous Tree

“Another important karma-removal factor is a special tree in a particular temple. This tree also plays a major role in remedying a bad karmic situation in your life.

“Part of this tree can also be used in a fire ritual or in a powder form that you can take as an additional remedy. God bless.”

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