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If you’ve been wishing for more motivation and strength, but have felt tired and disenchanted at the beginning of the New Year, blame it on the planets.

In fact, according to Vedic astrology—which uses the sidereal calendar—the main nine planets, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered alive and responsible for your consciousness, thoughts, decisions and actions.

So the conditions and whereabouts of these planets are very important for both your happiness and success.

Until recently, Mars, the planet of energy and passion, was sitting in Libra, the house of relationships and creativity—and not a power place for Mars.

Fortunately, according to the Vedic calendar, the Red Planet has just moved into one of its most productive domains in the zodiac—the sign of Scorpio. And from now on, it’s a game changer for your fitness, work, relationship, wealth and health.

Mars will remain in Scorpio between January 16 and March 7.

So to end sluggishness, achieve your 2018 goals, get in shape and feel refreshed and strong—here for you, an easy three-step plan. Because you were not meant to live a mediocre life, but a life as a powerful, spiritual and successful warrior.

Strong at night

One of the classics of Vedic astrology, the Jataka Parijata, describes the ways Mars becomes strong on Tuesdays, its own day, and in the sign of Scorpio.

Vaidyanatha Dikshita, the rishi or sage who wrote this text, also added that Mars is strong at night—a principle stemming from his astronomical calculations, and his intuitive vision of the cosmic sky through meditation.

Amazingly enough and without a telescope, the Rishis have left us accurate data about the cosmos and celestial bodies. In fact, Vedic cosmology has had a major role even in our modern astronomy and science.

Yet our daily schedules don’t allow us to take action just at nighttime. But this is useful to remember if you generally feel weak during your morning exercise.

In the latter case, it’s likely that an evening run or a cardio class of weightlifting and aerobic exercise would help you shape up faster for the upcoming springtime. Swimming also cools Mars’ energy in the mind and body, and contributes to your optimal fitness.

Moreover, Scorpio is a feminine, secretive, passionate and emotional sign. Of course, strong emotions such anger can cause problems in our relationships. So it’s advisable to tone down or avoid any heated discussions, especially at nighttime.

For these reasons, self-control and self-discipline will be the need of the day while Mars is in Scorpio, especially when we already feel mentally or physically overheated.

Goalsetting for victory

Mars in Scorpio brings you positive energy for achieving both your short-term and long-term goals.

We all know what’s like to have ever-growing tasks and multiple duties that vie for our attention. That is when it’s just too easy to want to give up.

Thankfully, Mars will help you stay alert, help you put more focus on your goals, and eliminate self-sabotaging procrastination.

Usually, to succeed you need:

  • Strong willpower
  • Knowing what you want
  • Appropriate steps
  • Timely implementation

Yes, Mars is impetuous and his energy requires some softening. But this is also the planet that helps you get out of a rut, especially when you feel stuck and hopeless.

To connect with the red-hot energy of Mars and inject motivation in your work and projects, recite OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA 108 times on Tuesdays.

This traditional sound technology is believed to change your thoughts and allow you to channel the Red Planet’s victorious consciousness.

For best results, write down your goals and review your list at night before going to bed. Try to assess what worked and what didn’t. Renew your resolve to succeed.

Help from Benevolent Celestial Beings

Despite our incredible achievements in science and technology, we are yet to solve most of our personal problems and global crises.

In the Vedic tradition, the subtle planes of existence are considered more powerful.

The ancient yogis saw in their meditations worlds of subtler density that were populated by countless loving beings. Of course, they also saw some dark forces.

The yogis knew that the benevolent beings, whom they called the Gods—or ‘Devas’, according to the Vedas—wanted to help humanity and were interested in our evolution and happiness.

Often, our karma and our everyday thinking keep us in a limited reality and a mediocre life. Even more regrettably, we’re oblivious to these loving beings.

The celestial being that rules Mars is Muruga. Dr. Pillai said that Muruga or Subramanian is a warrior god from the Pleiades star cluster.

The Vedic tradition has powerful technology in the form of sounds or mantras and fire rituals to invoke Muruga. You can ask him for:

  • Victory
  • Real estate
  • Removal of debts
  • Overall energy
  • Protection from enemies

Connect with Muruga through his mantra OM SHARAVANA BAVAYA NAMAHA 108 times on Tuesdays.

You can also sponsor a Fire Lab in honor of Muruga and Mars, which will be performed by proxy on your behalf.

In fact, the underlying belief of all the teachings of the Rishis, Siddhas and yogis of India is that you don’t need to be present in order to benefit from prayers and ceremonies, as long as your name and your birth star are included in these rituals.


Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer at www.AstroVed.com


Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi


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