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mercury exalted

We have all felt oversensitive when Mercury was in emotional Cancer, but then in proud Leo this flexible and neutral planet was under the influence of the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. Your work and creativity might have had a boost aided by Mercury’s intelligence.

Although the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn (the latter by staring) scrambled a bit the usually linear expressions and analytical qualities of Mercury, you were probably focused on a ride to success, higher knowledge and tough work.

Now Mercury gets to be Mercury again from August 22 to October 29. But with a twist.

While Mercury in communicative Gemini can show immense flexibility and curiosity, in Virgo, his other sign, this green planet doesn’t miss a beat. He is aware of all kinds of details at work, at home, in diet and in business. But there’s more than meets the eye, so keep reading.

In Virgo, smart Mercury is both exalted and in his own sign. He analyzes and memorizes data and uses the above for gains at work or business.

Here, Mercury can also cause caution and fear around health matters, people and expenses.

Moreover, Rahu has been stationed in Virgo since 2014 and is communicating his explosive energy to Mercury. These two planets can now act unpredictably, for good or for ill.

So, here’s a short guide with seven tips to benefit, avoid difficulties and make the best of this very long Mercury transit.

1. Sell or buy at full speed

Rahu in Virgo is brilliant in business with 101 ideas for profits and sales. With Mercury’s presence you’ll be able to magnify your earnings and will be unstoppable. You can now make profitable investments, too. A bit of warning though: not everything is for sale and some focus on higher values is necessary too during this time.

2. Work by the rules

In Virgo, Rahu and Mercury conjunct are ingenious and detail-oriented, but also cunning.

Just don’t calculate so much or it could backfire.

Others eventually see through a scheme and you’re better off working by the books.

3. Get your dream accountant or lawyer.

 In litigation you want to win, like everyone else. This conjunction can bring you professionals who can help you accomplish what you need through bookkeeping or resolving legal issues.

4. Work towards your well-being

Mercury in Virgo will tackle health issues with aplomb. Rahu’s out-of-the-box thinking may also take you towards alternative health remedies and you can now heal health issues in unexpected ways.

5. Office overhaul

Be ready: Mercury in Virgo loves neatness and cleanliness. He also has a passion for reorganizing your work environment and finding papers and files even if blindfolded.

In a garden, this Mercury will spot the only “out-of-place” plant.

So it’s definitely a good time to use this conjunction to ban chaos and restore order to your office and living environment. You’ll be more successful when you lose that nagging feeling that things are out of control.

6. Feelings are not ideas

Try to avoid rationalizing others’ feelings. Narrow focus on details cannot be applied to humans and no one likes scrutiny. Bite your tongue during this transit and give (gentle) advice only on request.

7. Ask Vishnu and Durga

Only Durga can control Rahu. She is a fierce Goddess armed with more weapons than an army.

Vishnu is the overlord of Mercury— and this celestial Being can keep speedy Mercury under wrap, pacify him and minimize harsh speech due to Rahu.

Specialized fire rituals to these divine beings can calm your mind—often overtasked and restless when Mercury and Rahu come together in ever-worried Virgo.

These remedies can also stop a difficult aspect of this conjunction—criticizing others. The higher consciousness of Vishnu and Durga will destroy this evil tendency and more.

These special sounds will help you further:



 Enjoy the energies!

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