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pcblog post 7-6-2015 - mer in gem

If you are reading this, Mercury’s move to Gemini will be of great importance to you.

This is the planet of communication set to occupy the space of digital publishing, clever wordings for your business, promotion of sales and acquisitions or just plain conversation.

When Mercury moves into his own sign, thus becoming super strong for a mere two-week period (July 5-July 20), it means that you must get busy in the areas mentioned above, from where you can position yourself with marketing or PR campaigns to make the world stop and pay attention—you are the man. Or woman.

So since time is running out, here are five tips to make the best of this powerful time and convey to others your ideas on why you are a successful writer, public speaker or businessperson.

Be flexible

Mercury is not interested in beating around the bush—diplomacy or higher philosophies don’t matter and at most receive his attention just as much as the opposite of those areas.

Mercury’s gift is an unstoppable curiosity to analyze and then describe anything that comes under his scrutiny. By being flexible you’ll receive Mercury’s help to get into all the details pertaining to your subject at hand.

Also, flexibility in communication creates an atmosphere where prejudice and misunderstandings can disappear.

hot idea

Formidable ideas

You can get new insights and secure gains by exploring profitable new ideas regarding academia, markets and even sectors in connection with government.

In fact, the Sun is also in Gemini and Mercury can be a great minister of the king Sun—your ideas that previously didn’t benefit you could now make you a millionaire, or billionaire if you already are among the rich.

Trading abilities

Even if speculation is not your forte, you may now get celestial help to learn this skill and study new ways to buy or sell with good luck on your side.

Consult experts to make sure that your new skill is sharp enough for profiting from buying and selling.

Mars, also in Gemini, will grant you competitive and aggressive qualities to benefit from your field.


We all need an occasional dive into the lighter side of life. But even joking requires some skill—Mercury people know this and use playfulness to their advantage.

Avoid sarcasm—as it always leaves a bitter aftertaste even in those who laugh at it.

Share an audience-appropriate good joke. People will relax around you and everyone will be happier.

Sharpen your tools

 Since good communication and wealth are at stake when Mercury is involved, ask for celestial help to be at your best in those categories.

Ask for protection from Vishnu, the celestial entity ruling Mercury. His traditional sounds are: OM NAMO NARAYANAYA. Recite them on Wednesdays (108 times) along with Mercury’s sounds waves: OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA.

Order specialized rituals to Mercury and Vishnu to obtain lasting luck in publishing or business—among these spiritual tools, Fire Labs are the most powerful.

You can also sit in a quiet place, or in front of an altar, and offer vegetarian foods, fruits or sweets to both Vishnu and Mercury (you could place these items in front of their pictures or statues). Additionally, burn a ghee lamp or candle and some delicious incense. Recite the above vibrational sounds to connect with Mercury and Vishnu.

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi

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