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If you’re like most of us, the last few months have been all work and no fun. Of course, these conditions were created by the Divine to teach us a lesson or two about perseverance and the importance of putting duty and rules first, and playing later.

When Saturn puts pressure on three or more planets, the above is a likely scenario. Plus, Mercury, a planet of business, communication and lighthearted interests has been receiving tons of attention from the North lunar Node, Rahu—an action-oriented and hungry-for-experience planet.

These conditions can easily turn from interesting to problematic.

While Mercury was exalted and in his own sign of Virgo, Rahu was causing excess worry around details and minutia.

This association of the North lunar Node with Mercury can be useful at times, especially when we need focus and drive. But within the confines of Virgo, it can create overwhelming conditions, as Virgo is a sign already prone to worry.

Good news: Mercury will still be strong and in a position to help you, but as far away from Rahu as he’s been in recent memory.

Here for you are five steps to making the best of an exalted Mercury until October 29, and for happiness to spare when Mercury moves into Libra, sign of Venus.

1. Maximum Mercurial power

Put all you’ve got into your writing, broadcasting, business plans and goal setting before October 29. Mercury will now ensure your success in these areas.

2. Venusian help

After the 29th of October, devise a plan for happiness involving creative pursuits, artistic projects and romance.

You can also plan a short and fun trip or spend time in nature with a loved one.

3. On-call Celestial Beings

No matter how good your personal chart is and how perfectly your life is coming along, at times you feel low and helpless. Saturn’s aspect on Leo can make even perfect lives suffer from stress and overwork. But scores of celestial, divine beings are on-call to help you solve your problems.

This is a time for remembering that you’re not alone.2

Fire rituals are the best remote control to “order” your favorite outcome—by transmitting positive thought forms through infrareds.

These rituals to Shiva, Vishnu and Lakshmi while the Sun and Venus are debilitated can change your life for the better and reduce all kinds of struggles in relationships and career. Additionally, fire remedies to these planets can greatly improve your future in all areas.

4. Let the Sun design your worth

Until November 16, we are dealing with a little problem called “Sun’s debilitation.” But this is no small thing, because the Sun is the top planet of power, success and recognition. And—when Venus will move into Virgo, the Sun will lose further strength.

So ban all thoughts of unworthiness by delving deeply into your designs. The Sun can now help you in your career when you incorporate some creative projects in your work.

5. Diplomatic communication

While Venus will be in low dignity and debilitated in Virgo after November 2nd, the happy news is that Mercury and Venus will exchange signs. This means a lucky condition strengthening both planets and cancelling Venus’ debilitation.

Your communication will be both sweet and diplomatic—and God knows we need better communication during times when even successful people are feeling stressed out of their minds

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head ShotEnergetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi




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