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2The energies of the Goddess change again in the last three nights of Navaratri.

A Cleansing Process in Dr. Pillai’s Words

“What is happening is the cleansing of our consciousness, of our own lack of freedom on the level the body and the level of the emotions and intellect.”

The Divine Mother in Her forms as knowledge, education and intelligence has many names. Among these, Vidyadayini and Sri Vidya are the aspects of the Divine Feminine who bring in truth, higher wisdom and divine intelligence.

Saraswati is Her name within the Navaratri tradition.

Dr. Pillai’s Message

“Let us celebrate Saraswathi as the giver of great consciousness and killer of demonic

consciousness that jeopardizes our peace, our intelligence and our happiness,” said Dr. Pillai, asking us to pray to Saraswati during these last three nights of Navaratri.

Covered in pristine white clothes, this pure and lovely Goddess rides a swan and holds the four Vedas (or Indian scriptures), a rosary and a Veena—a divine string instrument that produces melodious, celestial sounds.

In the last three nights of Navaratri, a ferocious form of Saraswati can vanquish all ignorance and false knowledge. She sets out to protect students and those who wish to attain higher wisdom.k

All Kinds of Intelligence1

Saraswati brings both technological and scientific knowledge and, primarily, she fosters inborn, natural intelligence—which is more important than any formal educational system.

She is also in charge of human creativity and is the patron of all artists.

She is a dispassionate Goddess who is identified with the purity of water.

Her sounds (or mantra) are:


Historical Truth

It is common knowledge that a pre-Vedic and enlightened Indian population lived along the Saraswati River. Many Western scientists have refuted this fact in the last century. However, recent satellite images of that region have confirmed the existence of a dried up river in that same area.

Perhaps it was the Goddess who brought this necessary technology to set history straight.

Home Ritual to Saraswati

  • Offer white flowers, fruits, a cup of water, incense and a candle (or ghee lamp) to an image of Saraswati
  • With sincerity, plead to Saraswati to bestow upon you true knowledge
  • Recite Her mantra (see above)

“We should take care not to make the intellect our God. Of course, it has powerful muscles, but no personality. The intellect cannot lead, it can only serve.”

— Dr. Pillai


Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head ShotEnergetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi




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