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Sun Enters LibraSun entered Libra on Saturday, October 17th and will continue there until November 16, 2015. Typically the Sun, who signifies physical health, vitality, father, and even your soul, doesn’t feel comfortable there. He is debilitated or at lowest power in Libra.


Libra, or Tula in Sanskrit, is an air sign ruled by Venus. Libra is a sign of harmony and balance. Venus is a luxury-loving planet of love, beauty, the arts, and wealth. Venus is very much associated with the Goddess. Accordingly, Libra’s symbol is a man in a bazaar, or open-air market, with a balance scale in his hand. Libra energies support business, negotiation, and finding balance. This can mean finding win-win solutions that benefit everyone, being successful in business – putting together a good deal, and being diplomatic. But it can also mean trying to please everyone, which is impossible.


Libra, as the natural 7th house of the zodiac, is the house of relationships. This could be a good time to look at your relationships and assess what’s working or not working. Negotiate win-win solutions, resolve conflicts. Take action to increase your business. Be popular, peace-loving, and promote harmony. On the other hand, there could be conflicts between partners. Be careful that you don’t compromise too much to the point where you lose out on what really matters.


Something interesting is happening. It is a blessing from the Goddess indeed that Venus and the Sun are exchanging signs for the next 2 weeks until November 2nd. Sun is sitting in Venus’ house of Libra. Venus is sitting in Sun’s house, Leo. This means both Venus and Sun support each other and become very strong, almost as if they were each in their own houses. This means that Sun’s debilitation will be canceled – because Sun and Venus are boosting each other up. And isn’t that how ideal relationships or divine relationships would be?


Starting November 2nd, debilitated Sun could cause problems with status, career, health, and finances. Venus will also be debilitated in Virgo, and could cause problems with relationships and prosperity. When a planet is debilitated, he falls down to the earth, and is more available to establish a better relationship with you when you do remedies. If you already know that the Sun or Venus is weak in your birthchart, this is a good opportunity to do remedies with excellent effectiveness.


This would be a good time to do some simple remedies to Sun and Venus, such as doing a virtual pooja via mobile app or on the Astroved website. You can chant Om Suryaya Namaha on Sunday and/or any day during Sun horas. Or you could chant the Sun’s Gayathri mantra. Enjoy a beautiful YouTube video of Dr. Pillai chanting it on YouTube. The Gayathri mantra is also great to chant at sunrise or sunset on any day, by the way. For Venus, chant Om Shukraya Namaha on Fridays or any day during Venus horas. These simple practices will help you make friends with Sun and Venus while they have dropped down to the earth to visit.

There will be a Sani Pradosham this coming Saturday, October 24th. Pradosham on a Saturday is the most powerful opportunity to dissolve your karma. It will also be Dr. Pillai’s birthstar day. Purva Bhadrapada is a star of enlightenment, penance, fiery purification, and charity. Look for this to be an intense day where all your issues become apparent to you. An excellent use of time that day will be to roll and cut limes to remove your bad karma and limitations. Around sunset, pour milk/water/orange juice over a siva lingam as you chant Thiru Neela Kantam Makaral Sivayanama. Try to do some act(s) of charity. Saturn is the lord of Karma, and he loves it when we help others by feeding those who need food and otherwise helping elderly and disabled persons or anyone who needs your help.

In North America, there will be a time change to Standard Time on November 1st. In the last week of Sun’s transit, we will be celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights, followed by the 6 days of Muruga, Skanda Shasti. This will be an opportunity for Muruga to bring his higher Pleiadean consciousness into the world and destroy an immense amount of negativity.

Enjoy listening to this week’s Meditation featuring Goddess mantras and the lively Q&A Discussion.


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