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I’m so grateful to you all for the amazing turnout for my call on Saturday, October 10. I hope you loved it and that you took away some inspiration for the great, upcoming opportunities for happiness, transformation and good fortune.

The excitement for Navaratri is building and I can feel it, too. In a few hours these celestial beings and embodiments of the Divine feminine and cosmic power, known as Shakti, will be landing on Earth!

Develop Goddess Wisdom

Open the Door and Your Heart to the GoddessThere is no overstating the powers of the Goddesses during this window of time during Navaratri. Pretty much all you have ever wanted and needed in life comes via the Goddesses and their superpowers.

Dr. Pillai, who is always looking out for us and wants us to get every possible bit of help to manifest wealth, perfect health and enjoy more loving relationships, is recommending everyone to develop a deeper connection to the Goddesses.

He has recently said that he’s willing to pay the price to the Divine for revealing this secret knowledge regarding the Goddess and the sacred sounds.

He wants us to download the Goddesses’ energies on our body-mind and literally create new pathways in the brain to quickly access the Goddess, her intelligence and wisdom. This brain activation leads to supernormal consciousness.

The Return of Love, Beauty, Righteousness and Defeat of Darkness

In fact, these Nine Nights of the Goddesses, as they are traditionally called, welcome the arrival of nine protective and fierce female celestial beings, who are lovely and auspicious in addition to embodiment of strength and guardians of all beauty, joy and divine knowledge. In other words, they are the demonic forces’ worst nightmare. Invariably, the end of Navaratri will bring a total defeat of these dark forces! Then righteousness, wealth and beauty will take back our planet.

A Chance to Acquire Superpowers by Changing Your Brain

Goddess Wisdom— is a course based on unprecedented boons: you’ll receive nine initiations into nine secret mantras (or sound vibrations) that activate your brain—because the Goddess unlocks different Siddhis (or supernormal powers).

Additionally you’ll have access to this website and academic course indefinitely. So after Navaratri, you’ll be able to keep downloading Goddess energy into you—this sounds particularly attractive at those times when we are stressed in pre-holiday season or after challenging workload sprees.

Feel the Energy and Power

The Goddess gives immense energy and you won’t feel fatigue. The Goddess finds instantaneous solutions that you couldn’t think about until now. The Goddess will show you how to proceed in relationships, finances and how to finally attain a perfectly healthy and vital body.

Even further Goddess help comes in the form of wisdom—you just won’t be able to repeat the same mistakes. Can you think of a time when you put all your energy into a project that didn’t fructify in the end? You can say goodbye to wasting your energy, time and money.

So I hope to see you there on the program and I’m looking forward to answering your questions—please email us all your inquiries to office@pillaicenter.com and let us know what we can do to assist you during this course.

But hurry and don’t miss this great opportunity. Dr. Pillai is revealing life-changing knowledge that was only reserved to selected and highly evolved Siddhas.

Much love,



Find out more about Dr. Pillai’s Goddess Wisdom Program.

Goddess Wisdom 

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