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4Arguably, respect is the very best thing beside love.

Not only do we want some measure of success and recognition for our hard work, talents and efforts, but also we need to feel our power to make changes and stay in control of our lives.

For the above reasons, the Sun’s transit through his sign of debilitation ruled by Venus (October 17 – November 16) can have us all scramble for agreement in the most unlikely circumstances.

In other words, while the Sun is incontrovertibly the King, thus enjoying special powers, in Libra this same luminary will be agreeable and compromising to a fault.

While it’s nice to please others at the right time, can you imagine a king making deals with people from all walks of life, including thugs, just so he can get along? The obvious result is a paradoxical king without much respectability.

Silver Lining

But thank the Heavens we get a lucky break. In fact, until November 2—the day Venus also gets debilitated (stay tuned for remedies and help)—the Sun will enjoy some respite because of a fortunate exchange of signs with Venus. Until the above date, Venus will be in Leo, sign of the Sun—which makes for both a Parivartana Yoga and Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga—conditions that alleviate the less-than-ideal states of both Venus (unhappy in Leo) and Sun (in a reduced-power state in Libra).


Rituals to the Sun during his debilitation are more effective. Remedies are nearly a must to avoid embarrassment in your career, fall from grace with the government, hardship in finances and overall lack of vitality.

Fire is Agni—the primordial God of sacred fire. So fire rituals are super powerful.

While there are no substitutes for fire rituals and other professional services to turn your situation around, doing some simple spiritual practices can help you make it through this transit without major adverse effects.

Because the Sun rules both your vitality and your consciousness, it’s very important to practice meditation and do charitable work to keep clear self-awareness.

Home practice

  1. Chant the Gayatri Mantra on Sundays
  2. After a proper shower and while wearing clean clothes, offer light (ghee lamp or candle) to the Sun, along with incense and fruits.
  3. Recite Om Suryaya Namaha throughout the Libra transit of the Sun (ideally at sunrise and sunset)
  4. Avoid an egoistic attitude—this time you may not get away with it.
  5. Self-sacrifice is the highest expression of the

Sun that brings you both regards and lasting self-esteem.

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head ShotEnergetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi




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