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What is a fire lab?

fire lab

A fire lab is a vedic fire ceremony described in Indian Vedic scriptures. It is performed by a group of vedic fire ritual or fire lab specialists to invoke the presence of archetypal beings and their boons. The fire ritual is considered so powerful and effective that it is still used regularly throughout India and other parts of the world to help people quickly remove problems and receive boons. They are also known as yagnas or yajnas.

During a fire lab, specialists recite special sounds and focus on specific intentions on behalf of the requestor. They say the requestor’s name and birthstar, and then dedicate and offer into the fire specific herbs, flowers, fruits, incense and other objects prescribed for that particular fire lab. Dr. Pillai says that to ensure the success of a fire lab, one must use the right specialists, doing the right sounds and intentions and offering all of the right materials at the right time.

At the end of the fire lab, the specialists gather some ash from the burnt offerings. These remains, called prasad, are highly charged with the energies from the ritual. They are sent to the fire lab requestor to place in his or her mind process technique area or to apply to the body to gain further benefit from the ritual.

Dr. Pillai says that if a fire lab is done properly, you should see some kind of result within 72 hours of performing the fire lab.

Why is a fire lab so beneficial?

Ancient Vedic literature carries many passages explaining the power and benefit of performing fire rituals.

Krishna, a famous figure in Hindu mythology and literature, explains the origin of fire rituals (sacrifices): “At the beginning of creation, Prajapati created both sacrifices and the human race. He told the humans, “Let the sacrifices be the bestower of all you need.””

“Through the performance of fire sacrifices, become abundantly prosperous.“(The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter III, Verse 10)

“The Gods, being pleased by the sacrifice, will please the humans. Prosperity will be created by the mutual co-operation of man and the Gods through sacrifice.” (The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter III, Verse 11)

What kind of fire labs can I request?

fire lab

Dr. Pillai is working to revive the authentic practice of fire labs so that people will receive the benefits outlined in the ancient texts. Dr. Pillai personally selected the specialists performing the homas at the AstroVed Fire Lab Center in Chennai, India for their knowledge and sincere approach toward performing these rituals.

Under Dr. Pillai’s guidance, these specialists (with some assistance from AstroVed’s celestial scientists) select the most appropriate time for you to receive the maximum benefit from your fire lab. They use all of the authentic materials outlined in the Vedic texts for each fire lab.

The following fire labs are available through our relationship with AstroVed Homa Center:

  • Lakshmi/Kubera Fire Lab – This indian fire ritual invokes Lakshmi, a feminine Archetypal Being of fortune/wealth/prosperity, and Kubera, a maculine Archetypal Being who is considered to be the banker in Heaven with purpose to create tremendous wealth.
  • Ganesha/Ganapathy Homa – This homa invokes Ganesha to remove obstacles that hinder material and spiritual progress.
  • Rudra Fire Lab – This fire lab invokes the ferocious form of Lord Shiva to promote good luck and enlightenment and remove negative influences that prevent progress.
  • Navagraha Fire Lab – This fire Lab invokes each of the nine planets, the agents of people’s karma, to increase their positive influences and neutralize their negative influences.
  • Pratyangira Fire Lab – This fire lab invokes a ferocious form of a feminine Archetypal Being called Pratyangira to destroy any negative forces affecting you, such as diseases, misfortunes, obstacles or rivalry.
  • Single Planet Fire Lab – This fire lab invokes a particular planet for a particular need, e.g., a fire lab offered to Saturn for gainful employment.

How do I request a Fire Lab?

There are two ways to request a fire lab: in person in India or online via our Store. If you live in India and wish to order a fire lab to attend in person, you may make arrangements through our “sister company” AstroVed through the Indian AstroVed Office.

To order a specialized Group or Individual Fire lab, please visit our online Store and select Fire Labs from the drop down menu to see a wide variety of options. Know More

To see a pre-set schedule of Daily Group Fire Labs that you can sign up to participate in OR to purchase a monthly membership to Fire Lab services, please click here.