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“The Night of Shiva, called Shivaratri in Sanskrit, is a defining moment in the life of a spiritual aspirant. It is the time when you can quit your mind, quit your logic, quit your sense experiences, and get identified with the Divine Consciousness of the Godhead.”

Shiva gives an opportunity for all human beings (and other beings as well) to “embrace him”, which means to be enlightened, on this very sacred night, the 7th of March.

Take advantage of this great opportunity that Shiva offers to everyone.

It came to me that I should do a global event. It’s a 12-hour period, and you divide it into 4 units, every 3 hours over a 12-hour period of time.

I am going to teach you a very secretive meditation so that no matter where you are, you’ll be able to do this secret meditation.

I have never done this before, and I am going to give you the secretive mantras that you will do in each of the 4 units covering 12 hours. That will be made to you ahead of time so that wherever you are in the world, you can use it.

He said there is no point in keeping vigil all night and saying OM NAMA SIVAYA, OM NAMA SIVAYA, etc. You’ll be bored.

Not that it won’t work. It will work, but the concentration will not be there if you don’t understand what these syllables mean; and where they become active; and what part of the brain is being activated through these sounds; and what you have to do to really experience the syllables.

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For about 12 hours, from about 6 pm in the evening until 6 am in the morning is Shivaratri Night time.

If you manage to keep vigil, it is worth (according to scriptures) doing millions of years of meditation.

God Bless,

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Millions of Years of Meditation in a Single Night10

On the Great Night of Shiva, happening March 7th, you can fit a million years of meditation into one night.

Each year Dr. Pillai talks about the importance of keeping a nightly vigil on Shivaratri, but never before has he taught the specific techniques and mantras used by the Siddhas on this special night to invoke Shiva’s Grace.

Based on personal revelations from Shiva himself, Dr. Pillai will deliver 4 Separate Webcasts for each “Kala” or time division of the night, guiding you step-by-step through your personal Shivaratri vigil.

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Commit to a Night of Power

Plan now for an empowered night of karma-burning and enlightenment experience when Lord Shiva’s presence accelerates your spiritual evolution beyond the speed of Light…

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Essential Technology

  • Bilva Leaf & Light Offerings at 108 Shiva powerspots
  • 4 Kala Hydration Ceremonies




Empowered Webcast Package includes:

  • Dr. Pillai’s 4 Webcasts for Each Kala
  • Downloadable guide, meditation, and mantra audios




Elite Webcast Package includes:

  • 4 Kala Hydration Ceremonies at 4 Siva Powerspots
  • Rudra Fire Lab & Special Conch and Milk Hydrations



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