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Dr. Pillai: “The upcoming Golden Age will otherwise be known as the age of the Goddess, the age of female power. Female power is called Shakti in Sanskrit, which  means power. What kind of power? All kinds of power. 

The Goddesses Are Divided between Three Main Archetypes

The first archetype is called Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, intelligence, and learning. It is very interesting that the ancient Yogis of India associated intelligence with the feminine, or the Goddess. Why? It is often considered, in many traditions, as a male power, the power of intellect. 

Nevertheless, the yogis considered the highest intelligence, both intuitive intelligence and intellect as well, belonged to the feminine, the Goddess.

This Goddess, called Saraswati, can be invoked by anyone, including the male gender because nobody is either male or female exclusively; they are a combination of both male and the female. I will talk all about it in the upcoming seminar.

Particularly, when it comes to Saraswati, the Goddess of learning, I will teach both men and women to acquire the intelligence of Saraswati, both intuitive intelligence and intellect.

To completely identify oneself with a human  limited intelligence, is almost suicidal. But unfortunately, we do not know anything about an alternative way of gaining intelligence or even becoming a genius. 

The Alternative Way Is to Work with Goddess Saraswati

I will talk about a particular herb, which we used to make available to people during Nambu Botanical days. I am going to revive it. Just take this herb and then you will see dramatic results happening in the brain. There is a lot of literature on it, too. 

The archetype Saraswati can be cultivated and nurtured by mantras for them. The mantras allow them to experience subtler levels of creation.

For instance, when you think about something, you have already created it at a very subtle level. There is pre-thought also, which your mind cannot know. But there does exist this pre-thought intelligence which belongs to Saraswati. 

The thought level of intelligence and speech level of intelligence—all of them will create. The Bible also talks about a similar one, but not so technically; it says “the Word becomes the flesh in the world,” etc.

The Second Archetype Is Lakshmi, the Goddess of Material Wealth

With material wealth it is enigmatic to think of a woman to be the Goddess of wealth, or associated with economic power. Here, undoubtedly, the highest economic power is attributed to Lakshmi. It is very important to get to know her and what she can do. There is also a particular herb we can take. 

She is also a form of Shreem Brzee. Shreem Brzee is Lakshmi as well. It is important to also know how to get in touch with her, become one with her, and identify yourself with her, as it can result in great economic power. I will do that. Also, I will tell you about anecdotes of how people get stuck by not believing or not being able to relate to Lakshmi.  I will also teach about how to fix your faithlessness. 

That is dangerous to be without faith. Faith is so beautiful, enjoyable, pleasurable, and can lead you to success.

The Third Archetype That I Will Talk About Is Parvati

I will also talk about the herbs and mantras of pure energy. She includes all kinds of knowledge patterns, and also physical power. It is very interesting that physical, muscular power is associated with a goddess, particularly Goddess Parvati.

She has so many incarnations, in different forms, in different regions, where she has been worshiped even today. She is a very powerful Goddess, and you are already familiar with Kali. Kali can give you instantaneous transformation within you and make you understand, ‘Oh, my God, I goofed all along.’

There are these archetypes available. 

Their Purpose Is to Help Human Beings to Reach Their Level

That is why they are here. They are just like Bodhisattva in the Buddhist tradition.

I am very happy that I am going to introduce you to all these three main archetypes from a very brand new understanding and experience of these archetypes. I will share with you, and teach you the herbs, meditation, and theoretical understanding that is needed for your own success. Hope you can join the program and benefit from it. God bless.”

Navaratri 2023: Travel Mystical India by Proxy 

Experience Dr. Pillai’s rare virtual initiations into 3 supreme forms of the Divine Feminine sacred journey into the heart of the Goddess. 

Dr. Pillai’s initiations are designed to help you encounter and access three key avatars of the Goddess, during this special powertime when her energy is most active.

He will impart his initiations during Pillai Centers’ Navaratri Goddess trip, when visitors will be visiting several Goddess temples to seek her blessings and absorb her divine energy. 

Each form of the Goddess offers her own unique blessings that can help you:

  • Defeat Suffering, Depression, Heartache, and Low Self-Esteem
  • Destroy Demons and Negative Forces
  • Acquire Supreme Protection
  • Procure Purity and Beauty
  • Achieve Abundance in All Areas of Life
  • Fulfill Your Material and Spiritual Desires
  • Gain Supreme Wisdom, Great Consciousness, and Natural Intelligence
  • Conquer All Ignorance and False Knowledge
  • Unlock Creativity and Artistic Aptitude


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