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Hindu deity on red background, Goddess Saraswati, Navaratri

Dr. Pillai: “I am delighted to do this video in a background against nature, and that makes me happy because nature is God and Goddess. Here is a bunch of leaves attached to the middle stem, they are from  a tamarind tree. 

This will understand artificial intelligence more than what we can develop with our human intelligence.

And this is a banana leaf. This knows about the galaxies and Gods and Goddesses.

What am I talking about? If you do not have eyes, what is the use of an electron microscope? If you do not have eyes, what is the use of astrophysics and what is the use of sending people to the Moon? You cannot, with the electron microscope, do anything unless the human eyes are involved.

The Yogis Worked with Goddesses Called Akshi Goddesses in Sanskrit: Meenakshi, Kamakshi, Lakshmi

For this Navaratri, or the Nine Nights of the Goddess, I am going to teach you new material, because we are ready to go into the Golden Age called the Satya Yuga, where we are not just victims to the meat body of flesh and blood, at least for some people. Not everyone will go through the process of evolution and experience the Satya Yuga

But at least for people who have been with me and will take my teaching seriously, this would be a great opportunity.

I am going to talk about the archetypes of Goddesses, which I have spoken about, but they are only very gross understandings of the Goddesses as relevant to those periods of time of lower vibratory environment of the galaxy itself. 

I Am Going to Teach You How, through Your Eyes, You Can Contact the Goddesses 

The eye Goddesses will be the focus for what I will do during the Nine Nights of the Goddess with one goal: to solve your financial , intelligence, inability to learn, and  energy problems. All of them are in control of the Goddesses. 

In Satya Yuga, we will be like in Heaven, and live like in Heaven, the Earth plane has been waiting for this opportunity. We can, as a group, enhance our own power and the power of Mother Earth, the environment and create and accelerate the upcoming Golden Age.

I will teach you how to program, how to talk to these tamarind leaves. The tamarind leaves carry the energy of Karuppasamy. 

Karuppasamy Also Has a Goddess behind Him

Karuppasamy knows everything. If you take just a detached leaf—and you can eat this leaf too—there is a great deal of intelligence behind the chemistry. Most of our medicines come from plants. Medicinal Chemistry is a big area, but the chemistry that we know is very limited.

We will be getting into quantum biology, quantum chemistry, or femto-chemistry, etc.That will be the future. Let us accelerate that. You will get new mantras for the Goddesses.

I Am Going to Teach You about the Goddesses Who Can Help You Grow Your Intelligence

I will also teach about the Goddesses who can help you to grow your energy level, and to keep the body so strong, with potential to evolve and become angels, Gods, and Goddesses.

I am extremely happy that I am going to be giving this material. Three different areas of material wealth, highest intelligence, and energy are how you would learn the sounds, the new sounds or mantras and also  the phytochemistry.  And also  looking at the form of the Goddess in a very tangible way—all these things will be available to you. 

These are tips or incentives so that you can all enroll in the program and benefit from it, God bless.”

Experience Dr. Pillai’s Rare Virtual Initiations into 3 Supreme Forms of the Divine Feminine 

Dr. Pillai’s initiations are crafted to guide you in encountering and connecting with three principal manifestations of the Goddess, identified by him as most potent during this auspicious powertime when her energies peak.

He will impart his initiations during Pillai Centers’ Navaratri Goddess trip, when visitors will be visiting several Goddess temples to seek her blessings and absorb her divine vitality.  Each manifestation of the Goddess can bestow distinct blessings, empowering you to:

  • Transcend Suffering, Depression, Heartache, and Low Self-Esteem,
  • Conquer Demons and Negative Forces,
  • Attain Supreme Protection and Shielding,
  • Embrace Purity and Radiance,
  • Manifest Abundance in All Aspects of Life,
  • Actualize Your Material and Spiritual Aspirations,
  • Attain Supreme Wisdom, Elevated Consciousness, and Natural Intelligence,
  • Triumph Over Ignorance and False Knowledge,
  • Unlock Creativity and Artistic Aptitude


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