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Light means different things to different individuals. Ask your electric company provider and they’ll tell you light is costly energy. For a Vedic astrologer light is the Sun, your soul and your personal power.

But according to the ancient seers and the Siddhas, light is everything: God, the best kind of beauty that radiates from within, the highest form of intelligence and finally, the next stage of human evolution from an apparently dense and solid body to a subtle, ever-powerful and eternal light body.

Ultimately, in our current state as human beings light is goodness of the heart, true happiness and financial prosperity. In fact as Dr. Pillai has often said, poverty is evil and the right amount of financial wealth obtained with righteous means grants us freedom and eliminates the need for wrongdoing.

So how do we get more of this kind of light?

According to many spiritual traditions we gather light by elevating our vibrations through spiritual practices, charitable actions, righteousness and mind training with meditative techniques.

On October 22nd, we have a perfect occasion to acknowledge and celebrate Divine light during Diwali, or the Indian Festival of Lights.

This is the remembrance of an epic defeat of a powerful demon, Ravana, and his army by Lord Rama, a hero who embodied the sum total of the highest possible attributes as an incarnated being—perfect king, ideal husband, most loyal son and righteous and loving brother. He was also deeply compassionate—quality that signals the highest form of intelligence according to Dr. Pillai. So we can say that Rama held massive amounts of light within—the light of higher and Divine consciousness.

Below you can find some easy steps for celebrating and acquiring more light this Diwali.

Use a powerful astrological time. This day is the New Moon, the darkest lunar phase and according to the Siddhas the best time for going deeply into meditation. If you are new to this practice, sit in a quiet place. Close your eyes and visualize light enveloping your entire body, starting from the brain, then the eyes, the ears and so forth. When the mind gets distracted and thoughts come, gently put again your attention on your breath. Pray to Divine light for guidance to reach a state of happiness and prosperity in your life.

Donate food, money or clothes. It’s a Diwali tradition to share some of our goods with the less fortunate. Perhaps you can cook a dish and take it to an indigent neighbor, or volunteer in a soup kitchen.

Light one or more oil lamps. It’s a lovely sight in India: every household will display some lamps outside of their homes or on windowsills. This is both a festive gesture and a reminder that Divine light is always within reach through our ‘sankalpa’, Sanskrit for a strong and spiritual resolve.

Ask Rama. He is an incarnation of Vishnu, the celestial being who rules wealth and good health. If you want to manifest anything concerning the above areas, you can pray to Rama, who is usually invoked with Krishna (another incarnation of Vishnu) or with his consort, Sita. The following sound vibrations will help you to contact this Avatar, or divine incarnation: OM SRI RAM JAI JAI RAM. You can ask him for higher consciousness, for guidance on how to hold more light within and how to acquire some of his extraordinary qualities.

Enjoy the energies!



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 Energetic Updates

 by Lalitha Devi





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