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Ganesha’s 2019 birthday is coming up on September 1 PDT / September 2 UTC.

Ganesha is not an ordinary Archetype. He is the highest intelligence possible, personified. In fact, Ganesha is OM, the sum-total of all human and divine power and intelligence.

But what tells you all you need to know about Ganesha, and why you need to pay attention to him, is his name, Vinayaka.

Vinayaka means he has no superior above him. Ganesha is the pinnacle, the top. Everyone is under him.

If you want to:

  • Accomplish the impossible
  • In the shortest amount of time possible
  • Be number 1 and never be insulted or looked down upon
  • Have intuition that can calculate faster than the most advanced supercomputer on the planet
  • Bypass karmic influences from the planets

You have to go to Ganesha.

He is the express elevator to power, perfection, and wisdom.

You may think, I can’t do any of these things.

You don’t have to worry about it, Ganesha will do them for you.

An Archetype like this must be hard to benefit from, being so powerful and intelligent…right?

You may think so, but fortunately, Ganesha is highly-responsive. In fact, he’s famous for it. That’s one of the reasons he’s so popular. His birthday is the peak time of the year to connect with him.


Ganesha’s Supreme Karma Removal Technology

One of Ganesha’s greatest gifts to mankind is coconut karma-removal. We have him to thank for this technology.

He observed that in order to create/transform anything, a sacrifice was needed. He asked his father, Shiva, what the best sacrifice was.

Shiva told him that sacrificing the God of Gods (Shiva himself) is the best. Ganesha wanted to know how to do that. Shiva told him to use the coconut. Sacrificing a coconut was equal to sacrificing Shiva.

Ganesha’s birthday is the most powerful day of the year to do this. Thousands, if not millions of coconuts are smashed on this day.

Dr. Pillai has offered this service for years, and many people have experienced incredible miracles.

Another karma-removal technology, unique to Ganesha’s birthday, is the Ganesha clay statue sacrifice. Clay statues of Ganesha are created. He is invoked into them and absorbs the karma of those who sponsor or create them. He then obliges to be sacrificed to remove the karma, and is dissolved into the ocean.



As you may sense, Ganesha is passionate about karma removal. Why? Nothing can change unless the old karma is removed. But it has to go somewhere. Ganesha is willing to take it for you.


Go All in on Ganesha’s Birthday for a Breakthrough

If you have been yearning for a breakthrough, Ganesha’s birthday is the one festival of the year you do not want to miss. This is when the master of karma himself can work his magic and set your life in a miraculous new direction. He can clear the impossible problems you have been facing, and reveal new opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.

All you need to do is take some steps toward him. Smash coconuts, order a clay statue. Receive an initiation. Do something profound, do whatever you can. Go all in. If one thing’s for sure, Ganesha will not disappoint.


3 Ways to Deepen Your Connection with Ganesha During His Birthday Powertime:

August 24: Join the Ganesha’s 2019 Birthday Preparatory Webcast – FREE

September 1: Attend the NEW Teachings Webcast & Meditation from Ganesha, Channeled by Dr. Pillai

September 1: Sponsor Vedic Technology to Invoke Ganesha During His Birthday Powertime (including coconut smashing & clay Ganesha statues)



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