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Did you know water is like a fluid crystal? It’s responsive to information like thoughts, prayers, sound, pictures, the environment, and more.

Around 1994, Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered a technique to capture this on camera.

Using a combination of frozen water, a high-powered microscope and high-speed photography, his method allows you to clearly see how the molecular structure of water is influenced by various stimuli…sometimes even the auric field.

Here is a link to his page where you can see a photo gallery of some examples like the ones below.


The Shreem Brzee Water Crystal

We have this photo thanks to a gentleman in Singapore named Peter Lim. He attended a Shreem Brzee group chanting event, and sent a sample of water he had with him to Dr. Masaru Emoto’s lab in Japan.

As you can see, the result is incredible. The camera was even able to capture the violet/eggplant aura that Dr. Pillai mentions in the meditation you downloaded. 

Does it remind of you something?

The next set of photos are thanks to a gentleman by the name of David Wang, a member of our Shreem Brzee Facebook Community.


When he saw the photo, he decided to overlay it on to the Shreem Brzee Yantra.

Here’s what happened:


It was also noticed that the triangle tips looked very similar to the Archetype Lakshmi sitting on a lotus flower. See photo below (also thanks to David):


We thought you’d want to see these. Your body, and our planet, is made up of approximately 60% water!



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