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Do you feel you are suffering physically, psychologically or emotionally? Is life a difficult challenge? When you wake up in the morning, do you feel sluggish, tired or just not alert? Do you often have the ‘Monday blues’ extend throughout the week?

Demonic Forces Are Affecting You

When it is difficult for to just get up in the morning to begin your day, it is due to demonic forces that are very active within and around you. And, how could you even think of becoming enlightened, chant your mantras, or even pray to the archetypes? The dark forces do not want you to feel good, be energized, or succeed. They want you to be unclear, foggy, and feel depressed. They want you to have diseases, to be a victim, and they constantly attack you.

“Why I am talking about this? Because I’m going to give you a solution to that. And what is the solution? Ganesha is the solution! He will keep you alert. He will kill the demons for you. And that’s why he has become very active in this world.” -Dr. Pillai

Ganesha Is The Solution And Here’s What You Can Do

When the negative forces are affecting your life, carry a small image of Ganesha with you (a printed or digital image will also do). Hold it safely in your hands or just look at his image before dealing with difficult situations. Let Ganesha know of the problems you face and have faith that he will take care of them for you. If you have a small statue of Ganesha, you can put it into a pouch and carry it with you.

Three dimensional objects of God, when you carry them with you, will come alive!

You may think that carrying a statue is superstitious, but it’s not. It is part of very powerful, ancient spiritual technology taught to us by the great siddhas.




In addition to carrying an image of Ganesha, you can also chant his mantras (Gum, Om Gum, and Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha) before starting your day. You can even do this before getting out of bed to dispel any negative energy or lethargy, and to receive an extra energy boost to start your day. Prayers to Ganesh Pillai are also powerful. Let him know of any difficult circumstances that you will face that day and invite him to intervene.

Get Initiated Into Ganesha’s Powerful Mantra

In the new Ganesha Decoded online course, Dr. Pillai provides you with an initiation to Ganesha’s most powerful mantra. This course imparts 7 separate initiations, a special prayer, and daily practice methods to make the most of your initiations. This course also comes with four live coaching calls with a Pillai Center Teacher who can provide you with additional knowledge and experience as well as answer your questions. If you would like to deepen and further empower your knowledge of and connection with Ganesha, sign up for Ganesha Decoded today.

Special Power Time to Connect with Ganesha

Ganesha’s birthday (Ganesha Chaturthi) is coming up on August 25th PDT. This is an once-a-year time that powerfully connects you with Ganesha’s power and presence. At home, you can chant any one of his mantras throughout the day on his birthday. You can also participate in the Pillai Center’s ceremonies involving 3 full days of special rituals geared towards empowering and solidifying your relationship with Ganesha. When we make offerings to Ganesha on his birthday, it helps to increase his most positive and powerful attributes while neutralizing any negative karmic issues that we are experiencing in our lives. Participating in Ganesha’s birthday celebration is a powerful way to gain favors, blessings and protection directly from Ganesha.

Deepen your connection with Ganesha during 3-Days of Grand Ganesha Birthday Ceremonies.

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