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Watch this week’s video on the Pillai Center Practice YouTube Channel, Powertime Practice 2020 playlist.


Sucharita welcomed us on this special Powertime practice call where we are continuing to chant for Ganesha’s birthday. We are here to learn the techniques that Dr. Pillai is teaching us so we can jump time and manifest our desires. For the past 21 days, we have been chanting for Ganesha’s birthday. She also tells us that there are courses at Pillai Center Academy for this year’s Birthday. Dr. Pillai gives eight initiations in the course “Living Ganesha

Dr. Pillai shared an initiation last night which created miracles for the participants! That was the eighth initiation.

The form of Ganesha that Dr. Pillai is focusing on is called Heramba Ganesha, the Golden Ganesha. Also he has introduced us to another form of Ganesha, Anjaneya Ganesha. Here is a YouTube video: Ganesha Chaturthi 2021: How Anjaneya Ganapati Can Give You Higher Wisdom. The following quote is the introduction that Dr Pillai gives in the video:

“Now because I have been doing these rituals with you, I’m also thankful to you as much as you are thankful to me that I have been able to bring another Ganesha during this Ganesh Chaturthi. It was a revelation that took place long time ago, but this became very real to me that I’m going to bring Ganesha Anjaneya, which means Hanuman and Ganesha are one and the same. And this was revealed by Agastya in one of his scriptures, and I read it long time ago, and I knew that; and today it became so real, and I decided immediately that I have to bring him to this earth plane to bless people so that they have the power of Ganesha and power of Hanuman. I want to name him as Ganesha Anjaneya.” Listen to the You Tube and hear the new chant.

Ganesha is the Lord of the highest self-esteem. Our soul needs to be expressing its highest manifestation and Ganesha will help us to do that! Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles, seen and unforeseen. Karma is part of the earth plan, and it is the total of all the thoughts and deeds we have ever had or done in this life or the last life or many lifetimes. We want to overcome our karma, and Ganesha is going to help us to deal with our karma.

Sucharita showed us a sesame seed oil lamp that she says is good for Lord Saturn since today is Saturday, his day. She says that in our meditation we will be activating our psycho-spiritual centers, which are located up our spine and called chakras. And this will be unlocking the energies of the planets that are in their own houses and are very powerful and comfortable.


In our meditation we chanted the Moola Mantra, the mantra we use to call on Dr. Pillai:

Om Aim Hreem Sarva Lokaya Adityaya Siva Satguru Babaya Swaha

We also called on Vyasa Draupadi, a goddess that Dr. Pillai has recently introduced to us. Dr. Pillai has been commissioned by the Divine to bring the Goddess Vyasa Draupati into the earth plane at this time. She has a deep desire to help humanity overcome suffering, and is very active right now and easily accessible through her mantra and meditation. She specializes in bringing enjoyment, beauty, auspiciousness, royalty consciousness, opening all the chakras, and giving enlightenment. You can place any prayer before this Goddess who is a form of your Supreme Spiritual Mother. Read more about her here and download her mantra.

Sucharita reminds us to light a ghee lamp and pray to Ganesha during this powertime of his birthday. Also offer a lemon, lime, or coconut to Ganesha. Put all your issues into these things and then smash the coconut and cut the lemons and limes.

Here is the link for the AstroVed Vedic astrology consultation to see how the planets are going to affecting us. There is a rare planetary alignment happening now, where four major planets are in their own houses. This rare cosmic event that has the potential to bring prosperity and improvement in life is happening for a limited time of 31 days from August 16 to September 15. Four major planets, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, will be in their own signs Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, and Capricorn, respectively. Out of these four planets, Mars in Aries, Sun in Leo, and Jupiter in Sagittarius are in their Moola Trikona (Root Trine) signs, the second-best position next to the exalted position, thus bringing out the deep-rooted positive aspects of these planets.

Sucharita explained to us what Tarpanam is. Tarpanam is the feeding or propitiating our ancestors to help them to move on to the light. The offering is made up of white rice powder, black sesame seeds, and water on top of a coin. Only offer this during the daylight hours. We need to get the blessings of the ancestors! Dr. Pillai says that even if you don’t do anything else, do your Tarpanam. Honor the ancestors! Mahalaya Paksha is coming up in early September, and this is the best time to connect with the ancestors. Dr. Pillai says “There is a gift-giving time from the ancestors to their descendants living on this earth plane. The ancestors who passed from the earth and living in another plane are invoked to give abundant blessings. This two-week period is very crucial for you, for everyone. Even the enlightened yogis and rishis wait for this time, which comes only once a year, to get blessings from their own ancestors.



Tuesday Aug 25, 02:52 AM til Wednesday Aug 26, 01:09 AM ET

Kala Bhairava has the ability to dissolve repetitive negative patterns that result in procrastination, lethargy, anxiety, and lack of motivation. Kala Bhairava makes you value your time so you can make the best use of the opportunities at hand and maximize gains. Udyamo Bhairava is a mantra for Timeline Jumping.


Thursday Aug 27, 11:08 PM til Friday Aug 28, 10:47 PM ET

Ekadasi is the day when Vishnu’s blessings for wealth and health are abundant. Chant Om Namo Narayanaya for Vishnu or Shreem Brzee for his consort, Lakshmi.


Saturday Aug 29, 10:51 PM til Sunday Aug 30, 11:19 PM ET

The 13th Moon phase is called Pradosham, a karma-removing time. 1 1/2 hours before sunset through sunset is the most powerful time to pray to Siva to dissolve your bad karma. Hydrate a sivalinga by pouring water/milk/juice over it as you chant the karma busting mantra, Thiru Neela Kantam Makaral ShivayanamaVisualize blue light in your throat. Roll and break a coconut or lime(s) to remove karma.


Sunday Aug 30, 11:19 PM ET til Tuesday Sep 1, 12:09 AM ET

Ganesha is especially very powerful and present on the 4th and 14th moon phases. Call on him to remove your obstacles by chanting his mantra, Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha. Roll and break a coconut or lime(s) to remove obstacles and karma.


Tuesday Sep 1, 12:09 AM ET til Wednesday Sep 2, 01:21 AM ET

Every Full Moon is time of incredible energy for both prosperity and enlightenment. Your spiritual practices and meditations on this day/night will be very powerful. Chant Shreem Brzee for wealth.


If you are interested in scheduling one-to-one Personal Coaching with Sucharita, you are welcome to send a request to: sucharita@pillaicenter.com


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