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Full Moon Phase – Creativity, Abundance and Prosperity

The Full Moon phase is the most important of all moon phases. During this time the powers of creativity, abundance and manifestation of desires.

Moon has the ability to influence your mind. This is a very important concept for the Siddhas (enlightened beings). They always look to the Moon to find out what type of energy is available on a given day. It affects the whole being and the environment.

Full Moon

On the Full Moon day itself, there is a tremendous amount of energy available on the earth plane; the Gods and Goddesses also come to the earth plane.

Even if you do not meditate on other days and meditate just on the Full Moon day, the effect is tremendously powerful. This is because the Full Moon is the day for prosperity and enlightenment. It will take care of both your material needs and spiritual needs – 200% life”, says Dr. Pillai.

The full moon is the perfect opportunity to transform our consciousness and build a new foundation of creativity and abundance. Also, many enlightened beings and archetypes visit the earth plane during this time and their blessings are abundantly available for humanity.

During this Full Moon, you can connect with the Divine energies abundantly available to magically obtain wealth consciousness. At a time when the world is at the tipping point of another economic crisis, the Full Moon time windows provide a sacred opportunity to turn around your fortune.

Open your Consciousness to Abundance and Wealth – Shreem BrzeeTM Group Fire Lab

Invoke the energies of Lakshmi in a group fire lab on the upcoming Full Moon. The presence of Lakshmi, the archetypal Goddess of wealth, can be easily invoked by chanting her quantum sound ‘Shreem BrzeeTM‘.

‘Shreem’ is the seed sound for Lakshmi and ‘Brzee’ is the sound that brings in wealth consciousness, as revealed by Dr. Pillai. Together, ‘Shreem BrzeeTM,’ is the ultimate password to access unlimited wealth and abundance.

A fire lab is a powerful technology to access the gamma rays of the archetype and direct them to manifest your desired goals through the power of Sankalpa (intention) and sacrificial offerings in the fire. This fire lab will open your consciousness to abundance and remove poverty consciousness from within.

This ritual will be conducted by Vedic Specialists at Pillai Center India.

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Awaken Creativity and Power of Manifestation – 3 Archetype Rituals- Anointation and Quantum Sound Chants

Open your consciousness to a new realm of creativity and manifestation on this Full Moon by invoking the grace of 3 archetypes – Lakshmi, the bringer of wealth and abundance; Saraswati, the goddess of learning and knowledge; and Parvati, the goddess who fulfils worldly desires, gives peace and brings protection.

Lakshmi empowers you to set positive goals in life, Saraswati provides the wisdom to achieve the goals, and Parvati inspires you to execute the right actions towards the goals. These three archetypes are most readily available on the Full Moon day and can help in the manifestation of your desires.

Three powerful ritual anointations (sacred bath) and chanting of quantum sounds (one for each Goddess) will be conducted on the Full Moon to welcome the divine energies of these 3 archetypes into the lives of the sponsors.

These rituals will be performed by Vedic Specialists at Pillai Center India.

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Enhance Prosperity Consciousness – Quantum Sound Writing

“Poverty is scattered attention. It is a matter of attentional disorder”, says Dr. Pillai. That’s why Dr. Pillai recommends the technique of sound writing that makes the mind concentrate on the sound being written.

A dedicated proxy will write the ultimate prosperity sound ‘Shreem BrzeeTM‘ 10,008 times on your behalf, so that you can receive the benefits of this super focused activity. Sounds are building blocks of intelligence. By writing this sound, you can access the divine intelligence to transform your money consciousness.

Moreover, you get the positive vibrations out of helping a needy person overcome his/her bad money karma.

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