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There are many ways to experience Lord Ganesha. We can read literature about him, study mythology, or learn about him from other people, but to truly build a relationship with the God of Wisdom we need to experience him—that is the most important thing. When you see Ganesha as a statue, he will always be a statue. But when you see him as a ‘live image’, his energy will come through the statue and become a reality. 


Ganesha Brings Success to All His Devotees

A statue or a picture is a conduit through which you can engage in conversation with Lord Ganesha. The more you treat him as a real being with his own galaxy, the more he will connect with you. He is committed to the human race. He knows that we suffer a lot of defects. Our intelligence is limited, our health is poor, and we are restricted by our understanding through language. He can cut through all these things because he is a space being from another galaxy—one who is committed to us.


See Your Life Change for the Better

Lord Ganesha is always willing to help; you just have to connect with him and bring his energy deep into your consciousness. When it is there, everything will happen.

God Bless,

Dr. Pillai 


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