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Dr. Pillai: “Let me share with you what just went on inside me regarding Karuppaswamy since the time I came in front of the camera and up until now. I want to always be in the moment so that I do not just repeat accumulated knowledge or wisdom.

I just want to see what the moment can give you. Everybody has the ability to be in the field, the unified field what quantum physics calls. The unified field in which there is no differentiation, all differentiations are due to our mind, our senses, and our brain misinterprets. 

If we want to understand your true nature, then you will know that you are God

Jesus said that in the beginning and initially the teachings of Jesus was “I am God.” Then people started throwing stones at him. He said, “You are also God,” then they threw more stones. The good news is that you do not have to go and learn anything that is worthwhile in this lifetime to learn. Naturally, you do not learn at all. You unlearn what you have learned so far. We have collected a lot of junk which is hiding our vision of our true nature which is the soul.

The message of Karuppaswamy, a semi divine being, or for some people it is the ultimate being, and now there are all kinds of opinions. That is not important. It is philosophy. What is important is, can you get to a level of knowing better than what you know through your reasoning power? Yes, you can. In fact, being Karuppaswamy, he is so compassionate. 

Karuppaswamy wants to teach you the highest truth 

The highest truth is that you are not limited by anything. By knowledge, by the ability to do or money, health, etc. All these are within your reach or you already have it. It is a matter of uncovering its recognition. As Plato would say, “The philosophy is recognizing is recognition.” Recognizing that you are all the power, until you know that you are a power, then you cannot have the power. I will give you a scientific serial about living in the scientific world. 

Einstein said that the moon does not exist – philosophy or science or quantum physics is not true. Whether I believe it or not, the Sun and the Moon is there, but Neil Bohr and Heisenberg and other people said, “No, nothing becomes real unless you observe it.” 

The observer is the one who decides the object 

“The observed is the observer.” If you observe poverty or ill health or failure, it is not coming out from anywhere. It is from your observation.

Quantum physics has proved it, and then three people got Nobel Prizes, repeated a million times. I was so excited that this independent research by the three Nobel laureates, proved the fact that the illusion, the reality that we call reality, is not reality, but illusion tied to the observer and also to the quantum existence of everyone, of the universe.

Let me put it in very pragmatic, mundane terms. I was associated with Norman Cousins, who did a lot of research at UCLA Medical School with cancer patients. His theory is that biology is nothing but your belief. Your belief becomes biology, “Headfirst, the biology of hope.” That was the book that he wrote. Everything is within you. 

Karuppaswamy is within you, too 

Then there is a technology that is connecting yourself with this being. It is like the Holy Ghost, with different names. The Buddhists will call it the Bodhisattva. These are beings who lived in the body and then knew the limitations that we have and know the sufferings we have. Because, look at the Buddha. The Buddha was a prince, only head to the throne. 

But he said that “I am going to be suffering, falling sick, and dying. This is the nature of your existence, this is not worth it.” That is why he said “The nature of life itself is Dukkha.” Dukkha means suffering.”

Dr. Pillai’s 2023 Birthday Theme: Divine Grace | Karuppaswamy and the Holy Spirit 

Experience a connection with the “performer God” of justice and miracles and the compassionate spirit of Jesus Christ in a Live Karuppaswamy Initiation with Dr. Pillai as part of Dr. Pillai’s birthday celebration. 

Watch Replay of Dr. Pillai’s Live Event on how to open up to the Miraculous Grace of Karuppaswamy 

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