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Dr. Pillai: “Why is Maha ‘Shivaratri,’ or “The Great Night of Shiva,” so important? Because it is the night on which everyone has the potential to become awakened. 

The Moon is very closely associated with the mind principle 

Every phase of the Moon brings specific energy into the world, and affects the psycho-physical system, particularly the mind. During the Full Moon, people get excited, especially those who are in mental institutions – they are a little bit imbalanced during that time. 

This is because of the brain’s response to the Full Moon. The same way, I have looked at studies about what happens to the brain, and mental state during the New Moon time. These are contemporary Western studies. 

But the Rishis knew better, the Yogis and the Siddhas knew better, about the New Moon, and the Full Moon. 

During that time you have great opportunity to come into contact with the higher states of consciousness, particularly “The Night of Shiva,” which is called “Shivaratri” 

It comes only once a year, during the month of February, or March, in the Western Calendar. It is the time for everyone to become awakened. 

You can skip meditating all throughout the year, but not on that particular night. If you just keep a vigil on that night, and do the practices, for that one night in the year, that is sufficient for you to gain a lot of spiritual power, and particularly for this upcoming Shivaratri.

Certain practices and sounds used at that time, at Midnight, will awaken the highest consciousness that is possible 

Because what happens during the New Moon, generally speaking, is the mind principle is minimum. The mind comes out of the soul, and the soul consciousness is intact, and omniscient. The mind is not omniscient, it is a linear principle that fluctuates. The mind is the problem for so many things. 

Then if the mind disappears, you get into the highest consciousness, and that condition is not available on a daily basis. On New Moons it is available, but on the “New Moon of Shivaratri” it is the most important time that you can take advantage of this very special energy. 

With a little training given with the use of sound at certain parts of the brain, you will get into a very deep state, and eventually transcend and experience enlightenment 

That is what I am going to be teaching. I myself will be wherever I am, calling you, because I plan according to the energy that comes to me. At that time, then you can listen to me and that will be an Initiation time. 

I plan on awakening the 5 parts of the brain primarily: the frontal lobe, the right and left hemispheres, and then the occipital lobe, the top of the brain, along with the midbrain. During that time I am going to give you the sounds for that. Initiation is the most important thing. 

I look forward to this Shivaratri Program, and I want you to take advantage of it. As I told you, you may not have meditated, or you do not even plan to meditate on a regular basis, but do not miss this opportunity of “The Night of Shivaratri.” 

This is the time that naturally and astronomically, there is a window of time for you to get into the soul by transcending the mind 

That is the significance of “Shivaratri.” I will look forward to talking to you, and Initiating you into this awakening of the brain during the upcoming Shivaratri night.”

Great Night of Shiva: Obtain Merit of Million Years of Meditation

Maha Shivaratri, or the Great Night of Shiva, is a once-a-year opportunity to invoke Shiva’s Grace during his descent to the Earth plane for blessings of prosperity, fulfillment of wishes, removal of sins, curses, afflictions, and debts, and spiritual evolution. It occurs on the 14th day of the dark fortnight during the Tamil Month of Magha (February – March).

Invoke Shiva through 259 Super-Grand Ceremonies following the Vedic and Tamil system of Shiva worship to receive Shiva’s abundant life-transforming blessings,  undiminishing virtues, and gain wealth, wisdom, and overall well-being.


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