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Looking for positive ways to alleviate coronavirus fears? Dr. Pillai offers valuable techniques to stop the mind from becoming fearful and anxious.



Step Out of Your Regular Way of Thinking

“One way to eliminate the fear surrounding COVID-19 is to step out of your regular way of thinking. If not, the mind will continue to instill fear, which will be fueled by the media, until you think about nothing else. All you will see and hear is death, but do not occupy yourself with such thoughts. Think of your own eternal self. Through meditation, you will be able to go to a place where you are not driven by the mind.

We have to look at what we are doing to ourselves and to our society. Although this disaster has struck worldwide, there has been no reference to God. There is talk of gathering more equipment and finding more hospitals but no one has provided peace of mind to those who are wondering how they will survive the crisis. The entire world should accept that civilization, money, and our health are in danger. Most people will fail to see how they will rebuild their lives but we should think positively. It might feel like a lie or a false hope but if you live by this philosophy, there will be no suffering.”


Perpetual Optimism is a Force Multiplier

“The mantra ‘Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati’ translates as ‘You become as you think’. Collectively, we should engage in positive ways of thinking. If everyone deals with this in positive ways, or has a positive response towards what is happening, we will control this in a sane way. Collectively, social media is very powerful but if we join together and pray or just chant the mantra, ‘Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati’ we will become as we think collectively.

While watching MSNBC, the President of the United States and the FDA Commissioner announced that it would take twelve months to create a vaccine—this may seem like a very long time. We have to collectively understand what time is.”


The Infallible Sign of the Presence of God

Time is manufactured in the mind—your mind is your time. There is a book called The Ending of Time which is a collection of conversations between Krishnamurthy and London physicist David Bohm. While reading this book, I encountered my own enlightenment. Suddenly my mind stopped and time stopped—if time stops, everything stops and you enter a state of bliss and non-locality.

Particle physicists know that there is a particle domain where everything is in a state of non-locality. For example, I am here in San Diego but I am also in another planet or another country. As a particle, I am not limited; I am just a bunch of particles. But unfortunately, we have been trained to think that the body is our identity.”

Feed Your Faith and Your Fears Will Starve

“To find a permanent solution to the disaster we are facing, we have to live in the ‘now’ and live in very positive ways. If you are a spiritual or God-fearing person, have faith in the Divine. If you have faith, Jesus said, ‘You can move mountains’. If you only have a particle of faith, that is enough.

When you live in the subatomic world, things change tremendously. Those of you who have been following my techniques will be aware of the spinning electron (a lepton particle) and the mantra Shreem Brzee. I think this is a great meditation for creating peace of mind and abundance—it is readily available on YouTube.”

The Sacred Time is Now

“The solution to fear is to be in the now, to change the way that you think. Keep an eye on your mind. If it gives you negative messages tell it to shut up, tell it you do not want to think this way. Think of the Coronavirus as an old memory and think only in the present.

Think of the present as pleasant, like being in heaven. People who behave in positive ways and people who believe in God will help the world. Whether you believe in Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Shiva or Krishna it does not matter. You will become as you think. If you think like Moses, you can become Moses; it is so simple.”

God Gave Us a Spirit of Power

The greatest treasure that God gave us is his own consciousness. That is why the Bible says, ‘God created man in his own image’. We have a tremendous amount of power locked inside us. This is a time of awakening and deflecting from the negativity which is all around.

I will continue behaving in positive ways and visualize the stock market rising and the virus being controlled and diminished through the participation of the Divine and your positivity. We can collectively become very positive.

I have provided a lot of meditations on both YouTube and Facebook. I invite you to use them.

Live in joy and you will radiate that joy to others. If you are fearful, you will only radiate fear. Once you transcend the mind, there will be a timeless reality of the non-mind which is full of joy and happiness.”

God bless, be happy,

Dr. Pillai


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