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Dr. Pillai relates the importance of breath and self-realization. He also gives a new mantra specifically to help collectively destroy the coronavirus.



Importance of Breath: The Breath Symbolizes Life

“The coronavirus has many of us wondering why we have to go through this, globally. It’s a global phenomenon. And what are we experiencing through that? One of the most important ones is the breath leading to life or death. If you breathe, you live, you don’t breathe, you die. So the breath symbolizes life. So you can ask so many questions about this virus, why it is there? And what is the lesson or lessons that we have to learn from this?

The most important lesson we have to learn is to understand the precious value of life. Only when we face death, we understand the value of life. Until then, life becomes just whiling away time. And now when you watch the television, you see the pain of people going through. Everybody’s afraid of death; there are no ventilators and that will keep you living until you know, you don’t any longer need it. So it’s important that we focus on the breath.”


The Purpose of Life

“The purpose of life is to understand life itself, and our lives have been spent without understanding what life is or what the life force is. We’re here on this earth plane to know about life – the life force. To know about the life force is to know about God. And we have completely marginalized God in every walk of our life. People don’t even think there is God. Even when you just present God as life force, our prana which is more acceptable to the inquiring scientific mind and how many people are able to do that? Not many. It is because we have completely banned God like a travel ban going everywhere now in all the countries we have banned God in our life, banned prana, understanding in our life.

And this is a wake-up call, not for everyone. Spiritual evolution is not for everyone. The biological evolution has stopped. And now we are at a stage that God has given or nature has given, because people don’t like the word ”God,” nature has given us full responsibility and a great brain to figure out things, and we are trying to figure out things. We think that the ventilator is the answer. No, ventilator is not the answer.

The most important thing is self-realization and if you miss that, then life is being wasted. The wasting of every moment. And it is 2:45 in the morning and my sleep pattern has changed and my own experience of sleep is very different from what has been before. Such a bliss if I sleep and if I don’t sleep it’s also such a bliss.”


Do Your Work, But Stay in Yoga

‘So we have caught up in a great confusion. The confusion is not being able to follow the yogic path or live like ordinary human beings. We have to balance both. Krishna gave a great path. He said, “yogastha kuru karmani” – do your work, but stay in yoga. Stay in yoga means in the full understanding of your spirit, of your soul, of your godhead.

Between action and inaction, action is better. So we cannot be without action. When you are in an enlightened condition, when you are a true Yogi, then you can be in inaction and enjoy that; that’s why they came up with this idea: after you are 60, or even earlier, after retirement, then you dedicate your life for self-realization. This is the model given to people in India because the latter part of the life should be diverted to God-realization.”


Importance of Breath Related to Coronavirus

“As I said there are hundreds of reasons I can give you why there is this virus, at least one reason I want to share with you is to understand the nature of the virus. It can be understood as a demon. In order to do that, you have to have a heightened awareness where you’ll be able to see the demon, like Jesus would be able to see the demon because he saw every disease as a demon.

And he was basically a demon buster. And that is a truth. What is the truth? The truth is the disease is a demon. So that’s one level of understanding. The other level is more palatable. Human beings, living in the 21st century, are to understand this virus as a killer, an invisible killer who can choke you to death. And it has tremendous amount of power to infect, and destroy your lungs.”


Coronavirus Mantra & Practice

“The most important thing is I’ve been stuck studying the virus now and how to defeat it. Not only strengthening our immune system but killing the virus itself. During this isolation period, how do you spend your time? The most profitable way of spending the time is to chant a mantra and that mantra is:

Coronavirus nashi mashi, coronavirus nashi mashi, coronavirus nashi mashi, coronavirus nashi mashi.”

When you say this mantra you will use speech at another level. Use this mantra at least 1,008 times in the morning, 1,008 times in the afternoon and 1,008 times in the evening.

Maybe that is the reason why this virus came into our life so that we can get back to God, our own nature, our own true self. We have never done this. Most people have never done 1,008 times the chanting of a mantra.

So use this opportunity the virus that has given us – three weeks isolation time. Don’t spend your time thinking mundane thoughts and trying to figure out how are we going to survive, how we’re going to take care of the children. Everything is going to be taken care of. The world has come to a point, it has reached a threshold, and the threshold is the go-to to the other side. And know who we really are.

Focus on life. Just observe. Close your eyes during isolation and keep focusing on your root chakra. The Kundalini will start raising by itself and then it will reach the crown chakra. Even if you don’t do anything, it will do, and the focus on Kundalini, which is your life force, will energize your body. The cells will come alive and you can alternate between this exercise and the mantra. You can do this exercise for half an hour, one hour, instead of chit-chatting. We can do this or chant the mantra. That will be the best way of spending your isolation period.”

God bless,

Dr. Pillai


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