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During these times of uncertainty, we offer meditation, prayer and support to help you overcome fear and worry. We are here to uplift and provide solace.



On Sunday, March 22, Pillai Center teacher Gina Guerrieri (Lakshmi) hosted the first of a series of six Spiritual Support Meditation and Prayer Calls to assist in Dr. Pillai’s mission of helping to alleviate the world’s suffering.


We Are Here to Offer Support via Meditation and Prayer

We realize many of you are fearful of the unknowns while we collectively go through this time of great transition. The team at Pillai Center wants to let you know that we are here to unite as many souls as our messages can reach to call in God’s power to fight negative forces of all kinds. Both individually and in (virtual) groups, we can make powerful use of this time to evolve. By maintaining and building on our spiritual practices during this tumultuous time, we strengthen our spiritual energy and auric field to protect our mind, body and spirit.

During Sunday’s call, Lakshmi shared tips to manage your mental and emotional state, as well as a plethora of Pillai Center resources to help you navigate these difficult times.


Ways to Manage Your Mental and Emotional State

  • Be a witness. Observe. Do not give in to fear.

    We have to manage our emotional and mental states right now. Why? Because we are getting a lot of information from psychic airwaves and physical airwaves. The news is coming at us through our phones, through our televisions, through our computers, through our friends and family.Perhaps information continually gets fed into our being and we have to do something with that. So when you receive that you can give yourself the opportunity to be a witness to it as opposed to get wrapped up in what it is you are dealing with or what you’re seeing. So when I say be a witness, when you are reading the news, you are seeing these statistics, instead of immediately clenching up in your chest or reacting in some other fearful way, just observe what that information may have done to you physically, psychically, emotionally, mentally and then react from a place of centeredness. The more you meditate, the more you chant, you will get to the place where that will be an easier thing to do.


  • Redirect your thoughts as they come in.

    When a thought comes in, decide where you want to go with it. This is the most important time to redirect your thoughts to focus on keeping your mindset calm and peaceful. What energies do you want to focus your thoughts on?


  • Be a torchbearer for the Divine message of comfort, peace and strength.

    We are warriors of light!


  • Keep yourself occupied with your spiritual practices.

    This helps you shield yourself from negative energies and thought cycles and strengthen your auric field to be able to withstand anything that comes at you. We are warriors right, we’re warriors of light and in any way that works for you taking on that identity so that you are able to start shielding yourself from the energy, the thoughts that are coming in.


  • Use this time to create a new habit, a new schedule, dust off an old hobby or start a new one. Take this opportunity to recreate your life!


Suggested Spiritual Activities


Meditation, Prayer and Support Resources

We have put together a list of resources (both free and paid) to assist you in focusing on your spiritual practice and joining together in (virtual) community. Below you can find links to each resource. Feel free to share them with your friends and loved ones.


Free Resources:

  • Consolidation of Dr. Pillai’s Fire Prayer, meditation and teachings: available here
  • Dr. Pillai’s One-Minute Meditation Prayer: listen here
  • Group Shreem Brzee Chanting Calls every Friday at 8:00 am PT: join here
  • Weekly Atomic Dreaming Calls every Tuesday at 6:30 pm PT: join here
  • Powertime Practice calls every Saturday at 7:00 am PT: join here
  • Pillai Center Facebook page: get notifications for Dr. Pillai’s Facebook Live videos from isolation
  • Pillai Center Facebook community group: join Fire Prayer watch parties and connect virtually with the Pillai Center community


Paid Resources:

  • Ascension to Bliss includes guided meditations and techniques that can help your life-force energy rise to the pineal gland and fill every cell of your body with light. Benefit from a meditation to release the “nectar of immortality” (Amrtia) to heal and divinely code your genes.
  • 9 Nights of the Goddess Fire Prayers. Use the powertime from March 24-April 2 to receive blessings, guidance and protection from three fierce versions of the Divine Mother.
  • Shreem Brzee Collective. Benefit from the collective power of (virtual) community to create abundance for each other and the world.


You are important to us and Dr. Pillai encourages us all to unite in meditation and prayer now, when it matters most, to uplift and empower each other and the world as we traverse this time of transition and great change. We wish you continued health and safety!


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