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Powertime: 11 Debt-Clearing Shiva Mondays 

June 24 through September 2 IST


There is a powerspot in India where Shiva, Archetype of Karma Removal, is believed to take on his debt-clearing form. In this form, his name is Runa Vimochana Lingeshwarar.

According to legend, a sage named Markandeya prayed to Shiva to grant financial stability to local residents at this powerspot. It is believed this form of Shiva continues to help people resolve debt problems.


Shiva Loves Mondays

Shiva rules Mondays. He has a special relationship with them because of his special relationship with the Moon. It is believed that Mondays are highly auspicious for invoking Shiva to dissolve your karma and bless you with good health and prosperity. They are also believed to be good days to connect with Shiva’s consciousness of infinite bliss.


Mantra & At-Home Practice

Use the Thiru Neela Kantam Mantra to Remove Karma

It’s pronounced TEE-roo NEE-lah KAHN-tahm. Don’t just chant it every once in a while. Slip it into your day during any “downtime” so it creates a powerful momentum that cleanses your karma. Use the mantra any time you’re not busy with something you can’t do simultaneously. If you have a specific problem in mind, you can set the intent to cleanse the karmic thought patterns behind it.

Do the Namah Shivaya Meditation

 Dr. Pillai says, “You will have a world of benefits come to you. It will burn your karma, your Maya, and your ego.”


  • Close your eyes. Chant each syllable for a few seconds while focusing on each of the chakras.
  • At the bottom of the spine– NAAAAH.
  • Move to the navel – MAAAAH.
  • Move to the heart – SHEEEE.
  • Move to the throat, the mouth– VAAAAAH.
  • Move to the two eyes, and then the Third Eye and the brain– YAAAAAH.

That’s less than a minute.


Powertime Enhancer

Sponsor Vedic Prayers on All 11 Shiva Mondays

To make the most of this auspicious powertime, you are invited to sponsor Fire Labs and other prayer offerings, performed by our expert Vedic priests, during the 11 Shiva Mondays. The priests will invoke Shiva on your behalf, at his debt-clearing powerspot, to help you dissolve your debt karma and bring you blessings for financial stability.

Benefits of Sponsorship May Include:

  • Clearing of financial debts
  • Overcoming money-related problems
  • Dissolving all the debts of your ancestors
  • Wealth, prosperity, and luck
  • Happiness and success in all your activities

Register by Sunday, June 23, at 3:00 pm PDT to Join All 11 Shiva Mondays



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