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“Guru means ‘the supreme teacher’. A Guru is concerned with the science of life itself. What is life? Why do people go through hardships and how can they get beyond them to live a better life and evolve to the next level? That is the job of the Guru. A Guru, like a mother or father, trains and guides you toward the Divine.” – Dr. Pillai


In Sanskrit, Gu means darkness and Ru means removing it. A Guru is a remover of darkness.

Guru is a word that has also come to mean in English someone who is a teacher. For example, in the contemporary world we might describe someone as a business management guru if the person is a subject matter expert in that area and able to transmit knowledge of business management skills to others.

However, the highest level of guru is still considered to be someone who is able to serve as a guiding light in spiritual matters. A living, enlightened guru is a precious resource. The attitude of compassionate, loving service that motivates an enlightened guru is astonishing to experience.

A living, enlightened guru is no longer bound by karma to be on the Earth plane and yet voluntarily chooses to work ceaselessly to help others.

An enlightened guru cares equally for all their students, whether they see the students frequently or they work with the students from a distance. An enlightened guru always cares about the highest good of each student. The outer interactions between guru and student may differ depending on the needs of each student. However, the love from an enlightened guru is the same for each student.


An Enlightened Guru: Respects Free Will


Although an enlightened guru can transmit amazing energy, an enlightened guru respects the free will of a student. Dr. Pillai has said several times that free will is a genuine divine principle. Students are always free to leave working with a living, enlightened guru without guilt or fear. A living, enlightened guru will wish them well.


An Enlightened Guru: Does Not Fit Anyone’s Picture


“A real enlightened teacher is intense and they are not going to fit into Hollywood images of a teacher. To become enlightened, you need to do what no one does, transcend the self. The steps and maneuvers to become enlightened are learned inwardly from someone who is enlightened.” – Dr. Frederick Lenz (Rama)

An enlightened guru genuinely lives in the Now and is authentically spontaneous. An enlightened guru continues to evolve and makes fresh discoveries. One of the great joys in studying with an enlightened guru is experiencing their passion and enthusiasm for light. An enlightened guru has a kind of super-computer ability to transmit energy in a way that is uniquely correct for each student’s individual situation.


An Enlightened Guru: Receptivity Is Required in a Student


It is said that enlightened gurus can transmit their highest knowledge in silence.

At the same time, enlightened gurus often share teachings through spoken words, writing or living example.

The Moon is a great example of the importance of receptivity. We enjoy the great beauty of a Full Moon when the Moon is shining brilliantly with light it has received from the Sun. In Vedic astrology the Moon is considered a feminine energy, a receptive energy. It is said that enlightenment comes through the feminine side of a being.

While we all have both masculine and feminine sides, being in touch with our feminine side can make it easier for us to experience the light an enlightened guru is transmitting.

An enlightened guru helps students to purify. For students whose minds become in tune with an enlightened guru, silent communication can happen no matter where the guru or students physically are. Whether they are thousands of miles apart or in the same room, there can be silent communication and heart-felt transmission.


An Enlightened Guru: Willing to Work with New Technologies


While an enlightened guru genuinely lives the realizations and discoveries of ancient sages, an enlightened guru is also open to working with the technologies of their time.

In the modern age, Dr. Pillai has been delighted to create numerous videos for YouTube. He has said he is happy with YouTube’s ability to reach anyone who has access to the internet, “They don’t have to pay, and I don’t have to travel.” The spiritual blessings come through real-time whenever someone is watching Dr. Pillai’s YouTube videos from anywhere in the world.

In our own age, Time magazine has called Dr. Pillai “the YouTube Guru” (3 October 2008). Anyone doing a search in YouTube on Dr. Pillai will find a very generous number of positive, inspiring and even life-changing videos across many subjects.

We are so fortunate to live in an age where technology is giving us access to a living, enlightened guru in a way we have not had in earlier centuries.


Enlightened Gurus: Blessings Flow Through Especially Strong on Guru Purnima


Once a year is a special Full Moon known as the Full Moon of the Guru. This is called Guru Purnima in Sanskrit.

“Guru Purnima is a special window of time for the descent of all the Gurus from their heavenly abode in the earth plane.  The living Guru accesses the energy of the Gurus and passes it on to the students on this special Full Moon day. There are gurus who specialize in enlightenment, incredible wealth, light body and ever so many other subjects.

In India, it is a big event because it is the land of the Gurus, and land of the yogis. They look forward to this one particular night to charge their spirituality because of the descending of these ascended masters into this earth plane.” – Dr. Pillai


Full Moon of the Guru, 2019: Dr. Pillai’s Online Retreat


In previous years, Dr. Pillai has sometimes offered an in-person retreat for Guru Purnima.

For 2019, Dr. Pillai has decided to do an online retreat during the Full Moon of the Guru. He feels this helps save some money for students in terms of travel and accommodations. At the same time, the online retreat gives an opportunity for people around the world to be present for the energetic transmissions that are uniquely available during Guru Purnima.

Anyone is welcome to sign up for whatever level of participation feels appropriate in terms of budget and availability. Dr. Pillai has said several times he considers anyone who works with his teachings to be his student. Whether someone has worked with Dr. Pillai’s teachings previously or not, for Guru Purnima, we all have an opportunity to be a receptive student and experience the blessings of a living, enlightened guru.

Sessions will be recorded and will be available for later viewing, so even if the time zone differences / work schedules, etc. are challenging for some of us, we still have the option to watch a recording and receive the blessings at a time that works for us.


Guru Purnima, 2019: A Time to Receive Light and Give Thanks


May we all make a sincere, inner decision to inwardly ask enlightened gurus to dissolve darkness on all levels and in all areas of our life and throughout our world. May we express our genuine gratitude for the loving compassion of enlightened gurus to enter our world and transmit their blessings. May we give thanks for the blessings Dr. Pillai has already given to us and all the worlds. May we be receptive to the blessings he wishes to give us now and in the future.

May God’s will be done.


Swamini Valli Wells is a Pillai Center Teacher and an AstroVed Astrologer who does Live Astrologer Consultations for the USD version of AstroVed, Dr. Pillai’s astrology site.




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