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We need volunteers to  edit video clips after the call on Saturdays and post them to the Pillai Center Practice YouTube Channel (Powertime Practice Playlist).  If you would like to experience the blessings of doing selfless service, please email us at powertimepractice@pillaicenter.com.






Sucharita warmly welcomed us to the Powertime Practice call on this Saturday, June 15, 2019.  She says we are on a fun-filled adventure with Dr. Pillai, and we are learning how to navigate the energies of Time.  Every hour, day, week and month carries an energy that we can access and use to our advantage.  Every second is a new existence, a new opportunity to create the world we want to live in.  We have come to this earth plane to learn our lessons and move ahead in our spiritual journeys and we have found Dr. Pillai to help us to evolve.

This is Father’s Day weekend and today we are going to honor our fathers.  The biological father has given is half our chromosomes and allowed us to be alive on the earth plane, so we honor and bless the father, whether we have a good relationship with him or not.  We can erase the sins of our fore fathers by feeding their souls through a ritual called tarpanam. The Sun is now transiting into the sign of Gemini, and so we may experience a new harmony with our biological fathers. The sun represents our soul and in the birth chart, the sun represents the father.

Gayatri is the goddess of the sun and she is going to cleanse all our sense receptors.  As we approach the full moon we can access abundance consciousness.  Somehow we have all found Dr. Pillai who is teaching us how to connect with the Divine beings that live inside of us.  Vishvamitra is a Divine being who has given us the sound Brzee, the sound of abundance and prosperity.


Today we honored the father, the father-figure, the teacher and the guru.  Dr. Pillai’s spiritual name is Dattatreya Sivababa.  Dattatreya represents the trinity- the father, the son and the holy ghost.  We can tap into the energies of Dattatreya in our meditations.

Always begin with Ganesha‘s Chant (Ganesha is the elephant-headed god who is the remover of all obstacles, seen or unseen):

Gum, Gum, Gum, Ganapataye and

Om Shreem hreem kleem glaum gum ganapataye vara varada sarva janamme vasamanaya swaha

Chants to open the chakras-Start at the base of the spine and pull the energy up through the chakras to the top of the head:

Base of spine-Ah

Heart center-Ooh


Middle of Brain (3rd eye)-Om

Base of spine (earth)-Na

Naval (water)-Ma

Heart center, arms and fingers (fire)-Shi

Throat, nostrils (air)-Va

Eyes, right and left brain (space, akash, ether)-Ya

Imagine Dr. Pillai in front of you with two rays of light coming from his eyes into your two eyes.  His chant is the Moola Mantra:

Om Aim Hreem Sarva Lokaya Adityaya Siva Satguru Babaya Swaha

We ask the sun god to align our chakras and awaken our souls:

Om Suryaya Namaha, Om Suryaya Namaha, Om Suryaya Namaha

We call on the sun goddess Gayatri and Kamadhenu, the wish fulfilling goddess cow to awaken all the sense organs:

Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha,

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi,

Dhiyo Yo Nah Pracho Dayateh

We call on the goddess Shreem Brzee (Lakshmi) to awaken the consciousness of abundance and wealth in our bodies:

Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee

We call on Lord Siva to open the 3rd eye:

Om namasivaya, Om namasivaya, Om namasivaya

We prayed the Lord’s Prayer (which Dr. Pillai says is the perfect prayer):

Our Father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy Name,

thy kingdom come,

thy will be done,

on earth as it is in heaven.

And for Dr. Pillai:

Om Dram Dattatreya Siva Baba Namaha



Today, Saturday up to Sunday June 16, 04:32 AM ET

Ganesha is especially very powerful and present on the 4th and 14th moon phases. Call on him to remove your obstacles by chanting his mantra, Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha. Roll and break a coconut or lime(s) to remove obstacles and karma.


Sunday Jun 16, 04:32 AM ET

Every Full Moon is time of incredible energy for both prosperity and enlightenment. Your spiritual practices and meditations on this day/night will be very powerful. Chant Shreem Brzee for wealth. 


Sunday, June 16 at 3:30 pm PT/ 7:30 pm UTC Sign Up 



June 18, 2019 (IST)

Dr. Pillai says: “There is a bodily location for worst kind of different Karmas like job Karma, business Karma, bad debts, relationship karma, and even poverty, extreme levels of poverty. Situations like you do everything in your capacity but nothing works. You are pushed to the edge. ” What can you do? There is a bodily location for this karma. That bodily location is the Svadhisthana Chakra which is the Second Chakra. What happens at the 2nd Chakra is the worst karma gets deposited there. You can clean up that karma only through the help of Muruga at Thiruchendur.” Sign up for a free archana service at thiruchendur Muruga Powerspot today!


Wednesday June 20, 07:38 AM ET

Ganesha is especially very powerful and present on the 4th and 14th moon phases. Call on him to remove your obstacles by chanting his mantra, Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha. Roll and break a coconut or lime(s) to remove obstacles and karma.


Saturday June 22, 11:57 AM ET 

The 6th Moon (called Shasti in Sanskrit) is the most appropriate time to win the battle against negativity and evil eyes. This is a peak day for absorbing the energies of Lord Muruga (a divine warrior/healer) and the planet Mars. Muruga specializes in solving problems such as credit card debt, legal issues, health problems, etc. Call on Muruga by chanting Om SaRaVaNaBaVa on this day and by pouring milk/juice/water over a vel.


If you are interested in scheduling one-to-one Personal Coaching with Sucharita, you are welcome to send a request to: sucharita@pillaicenter.com

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