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Mars is the planet of action, willpower, and “go-getterism.” In Vedic Astrology, they say that if you have a healthy relationship with Mars, this planet will help you take practical action to achieve goals.

An unhealthy relationship with Mars can create conflicts with other people. On a national or global level, it can lead to wars.


Mars Transits into the Sign of Cancer on Friday

Cancer is an emotionally sensitive and feminine sign in the zodiac. For this reason, it doesn’t always get along with assertive Mars. Mars doesn’t like walking on egg shells, so Mars in Cancer can be an awkward time for Mars, too.


What Happens When You Make Peace with Mars?

A good relationship with Mars can destroy negativity in yourself in others because aggression is an unhealthy Mars quality. Making peace with Mars can help you take positive action and achieve positive goals more easily.


Who Should Connect with Mars During This Powertime?

This is a great powertime to harmonize with the Mars energy if:

  • You have Mars as a major or minor planet of influence in your Astrology chart.
  • Your birth chart places the Moon in any of the Mars-ruled stars: Mrigasira, Chitra, and Dhanishta.
  • You have challenging relationships with others.
  • You work in a field ruled by Mars: e.g. military personnel, police officer, firefighter, or first responder.



Use the Mars mantra: Om Mangalaya Namaha. It’s pronounced ohm Mahng-gah-LAH-yah NAH-mah-hah. This is a great way to harmonize with Mars’ energy so that you can take deliberate action to get what you want more easily. The mantra also serves to heal the unwanted aggressive aspects of Mars in yourself and in others.

Work toward your goals. If you’ve had problems solving problems before, try solving them again. It could become easier. If you have a hunch that you should try something new, go for it. You may get the breakthrough you need. Just be sure to take action if you want results.



Join the Practical Action Interactive Fire Lab on June 21 PDT. Join the expert Vedic priests for Mars Fire Prayers, and enjoy the benefits of proxy (distance) technology from home.


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