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Sunday, June 30, 2019


The 1.5 hours before sunset on the 13th Moon phase is a karma-dissolving powertime called Pradosham.

“Every Pradosham time is the powertime for you to wake up, even if you don’t meditate on a daily basis. If you are aware of the Pradosham time and observe it by meditating during the Pradosham time, you can be liberated from this unconscious life.” – Dr. Pillai

Shiva, the Ultimate Karma Removal Archetype, is highly accessible during this time to help you remove the karmic thought patterns and impressions that hold you back from spiritual and material success.

During this particular Pradosham, the Moon will be in Rohini, a star believed to carry the energy of beauty and abundance. It is a favorable time to learn to accept yourself, your inner and outer beauty, and the beauty of other people. This requires truthful perception of self and other and acceptance of what is. Rohini and Shiva can help make this happen.


Mantra & At-Home Practice

Use the Thiru Neela Kantam Mantra to Remove Karma Related to False Identity

It’s pronounced TEE-roo NEE-lah KAHN-tahm. Don’t just chant it every once in a while. Slip it into your day during any “downtime” so it creates a powerful momentum that cleanses your karma.

Use the mantra any time you’re not busy with something you can’t do simultaneously. If you have a specific problem in mind, you can set the intent to cleanse the karmic thought patterns behind it.


Do the Namah Shivaya Meditation

Dr. Pillai says, “You will have a world of benefits come to you. It will burn your karma, your Maya, and your ego. If you do it all through the Night of Shiva, this is enough.”


  • Close your eyes. Chant each syllable for a few seconds while focusing on each of the chakras.
  • At the bottom of the spine – NAAAAH.
  • Move to the navel – MAAAAH.
  • Move to the heart – SHEEEE.
  • Move to the throat, the mouth – VAAAAAH.
  • Move to the two eyes, and then the Third Eye and the brain – YAAAAAH.

That’s less than a minute.


Powertime Enhancer

Join the Release False Self-Perception Karma-Dissolving Prayer Service on Sunday, June 30 PDT UTC IST.

The Vedic priests will invoke the Ultimate Karma Removal Archetype, Shiva, to help you dissolve the subtle karmic thought impressions contributing to a false sense of who you are. Enjoy the benefits of ancient Vedic proxy (distance) technology from home, or wherever you are at the time. Tune in to the live webcast through the wonders of modern technology.



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