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“Bhairava means the principle of creation, maintenance, and dissolution. So, he is the totality of time – the beginning, middle, and the end. Bhairava is Shiva himself, who gives the supreme understanding of all possibilities of human consciousness.”

“It is related to time because the faster time moves, the faster the mind moves. It should be incredibly fast, and Bhairava instantaneously manifests things for you… It is a misconception that working long hard hours will give you the greatest rewards. You can transform the power of your hours into seconds by compressing time with Kala Bhairava. Kala Bhairava knows the secret for compressing time.”  – Dr. Pillai


Kala Bhairava is the Archetype of Time, much like the Greek God, Chronos. He is also a ferocious form of Shiva, the Ultimate Archetype of Karma Removal. His powertimes are 8th Moon days, both waxing and waning. He can help with time management, doing things at the right time, and condensing time for faster manifestation of desires.

During the 8th Waning Moon on August 23, the Moon will be in Krittika, a star that is believed to govern matters of truth in Vedic Astrology. This is a great time to enlist Kala Bhairava for successful time management, remaining in touch with reality of the here and now, and quickening your path to your most cherished goals.


Mantra & At-Home Practice

Chant the mantra that quickens manifestations: Udyamo Bhairava. It’s pronounced WOOD-yah-mo BUY-rah-vah. It invokes Kala Bhairava’s ability to condense time with the consciousness that transcends it. Use it to achieve your goals more quickly.


Powertime Enhancer

Invoke Kala Bhairava in the Improve Time Management Skills Interactive Fire Lab on Friday, August 23 PDT. The expert priests will invoke his powers on your behalf to help bring you his blessings to eliminate time leaks, reach your goals more quickly, and do the right things at the right time. Enjoy the benefits from anywhere in the world through ancient Vedic proxy (distance) technology. You can also tune in to the live webcast.


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