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“Just as the Sun is the central light of our solar system, it is also the source of our inner Light.”  – Dr. Pillai


The Sun enters the Zodiac sign of Leo in mid-August. Leo is a sign filled with masculine energy.

Leo is symbolized as a lion, a king among animals. The Sun is considered the king among the planets. The Sun rules the sign of Leo, so when the Sun returns to Leo, he is said to be sitting on his throne.

The Sun moves about 1 degree a day, and each Zodiac sign is 30 degrees. So we experience the Sun changing signs once a month, somewhere in the middle of the month, and he stays there until the middle of the next month.

Among the planets, the Sun rules our soul. He is more than the fire of a star. He is the consciousness of light itself.

The Sun’s placement reveals things about us on a soul level. An astrologer will look at the sign and house where the Sun is placed in a birth chart.

Our relationship with the Sun can affect our sense of confidence, our ability to express authority and our willingness to use power in constructive ways.


The Sun Is Necessary for Life Energy

The Sun is a very important planet for health. Dr. Pillai has commented many times, “Without the Sun, we literally have no life on Earth.”

People with health issues may wish to strengthen their connection to the Sun, the great life-giver.

A simple mantra for the Sun is Om Suryaya Namaha.

While the Sun is in Leo is a great time to review our diet and exercise patterns, and make fresh efforts to renew good habits in these areas with blessings from the Sun.


Simple Sun-Water Prayer Everyone Can Do

Dr. Pillai has shared a very simple technique anyone can do from anywhere in the world to strengthen their connection with the Sun’s life-affirming energy. The technique involves water and a special chant for the Sun.

Dr. Pillai says,

“The purpose of this chant is to enhance the potency of the life principles, including one’s body, mind, and soul. Visualize the Sun’s rays streaming forth into your body, mind, and soul.”

Here is the technique for the Sun-Water prayer:

In the morning after showering and getting dressed, go outside for a few moments. Face East and offer some clean water in the palm of your right hand toward the Sun and recite the Sun Gayatri Mantra:





and then let the water fall on the ground. This simple yet effective offering can be repeated 3 times daily in the morning and will help create a closer relationship with the Sun’s life energies.

After doing the offering 3 times, you can put your hands together in a prayer posture. Make your own personal short prayer to the Sun. Then pause a few moments to feel the Sun’s response to you.

You can view a YouTube video of Dr. Pillai’s voice chanting this Sun Gayatri mantra to learn the sounds.

Suggestion: Experiment with this technique for yourself on a daily basis while the Sun is in Leo, and then evaluate from this test if it is something you would like to continue. Many people are surprised how much this simple Sun-Water prayer creates a heartfelt connection to the Sun as a living, dynamic energy.

Note: If for some reason you cannot go outside (inclement weather, etc.), you can do this inside by an East-facing window and let the water fall onto the dirt of a houseplant.


The Sun in Leo: Great for Creativity, Leadership, Healthy Self-Esteem, Good Government

While the Sun is in Leo and in a place of power, he can give blessings for creativity. We can ask him to help us develop our leadership skills.

A weak connection to the Sun can give poor self-esteem. The Sun in Leo is an excellent time to work on developing greater confidence and improving healthy self-esteem.

Blessings from the Sun are essential for good government. While the Sun is strong in Leo, we can sincerely ask the Sun to give us enlightened leaders, enlightened citizens, enlightened laws, enlightened governments, enlightened countries and entire enlightened civilizations.


The Sun in Mythology 

In mythology the Sun is often depicted riding across the sky in a chariot. The chariot is drawn by seven horses that are directed by a charioteer. These seven horses are said to represent the seven scientific colors of the solar spectrum of light. The seven horses symbolize the seven colors contained in the acronym VIBGYOR (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red).


The Sun Is a Teacher of Friendship and Generosity

The Sun can give gifts of universal tolerance as the Sun shines on all. Whether a king or beggar, a sinner or a saint, everyone gets the same amount of sunshine if they step outside. The Sun freely gives light to all.

The Sun can help us with consistency and reliability. The Sun comes up silently each day and simply does his job.

The Sun has been praised in the a famous poem by Hafiz, a Persian poet who wrote in the 14th Century:



All this time

The Sun never says to the Earth,


“You owe me.”




What happens

With a love like that,

It lights the whole sky.


— Hafiz


The Sun Salutation: Healthy Flow of Yoga Poses

Many people have heard of a famous series of poses taught in yoga class called the Sun Salutation.

Dr. Pillai’s astrology company, AstroVed, has created a YouTube tutorial video to teach the poses of the Sun Salutation. Please check with your medical practitioner if you have any doubt about trying out the poses on your own, and feel free to modify them if need be.

Some people like to say the Sun Gayatri mantra at the start of each round doing the Sun Salutation poses while they are in the first pose with hands in prayer position.

Even if some people cannot do all the poses perfectly, they may be pleasantly surprised to see improvement in flexibility if they practice the poses even for a few rounds on a regular basis.


12 Names of the Sun

Some people like to recite one of 12 traditional names of the Sun at the start of Sun Salutation poses. For example, they may say names 1 through 3 if they are doing 3 rounds one day, and the next day they may say names 4 through 6 if they are doing 3 rounds that day. In this way, they cycle through the 12 names of the Sun, and then start a fresh cycle.

These are 12 names of the Sun with seed sounds and traditional meanings:

  1. Om Hram Mitraya Namaha   (Friend of All)
  2. Om Hrim Ravaye Namaha (Praised by All)
  3. Om Hrum Suryaya Namaha (The Stimulator)
  4. Om Hraim Bhanave Namaha (Giver of Luster and Beauty)
  5. Om Hroum Khagaya Namaha (Stimulator of Sense)
  6. Om Hrah Pushne Namaha (The Nourisher)
  7. Om Hram Hiranyagarbhaya Namaha (One Who Possesses Power to Develop Energy and Power)
  8. Om Hrim Maricaye Namaha (Destroyer of Diseases)
  9. Om Hrum Adityaya Namaha (One Who Attracts)
  10. Om Hraim Savitre Namaha (Begetter)
  11. Om Hroum Arkaya Namaha (Fit to Be Revered)
  12. Om Hrah Bhaskaraya Namaha (Refulgent)


The Sun in Science News

Scientists continue to be intrigued to learn more about the Sun. NASA published an article on August 12, 2019 about NASA’s Parker Solar Probe.

Since its launch on August 12, 2018, the Parker Solar Probe has made two close passes to the Sun. So far, the data sent back by the Parker Solar Probe has been at least twice as much as the scientists originally hoped for.

The probe is named after Eugene Parker, Professor Emeritus at University of Chicago. Professor Park is a scientist who first presented the theory about solar wind in 1958. He has lived to watch the launch of the probe and the validation of his theory.

During the past year, instruments sent by the probe have returned data about “the constant outflow of particles and magnetic fields from the Sun.” Professor Parker commented, “This baby was built to perform, and it has done its job flawlessly.”


Sun in Leo: Home Remedies

During the Sun in Leo period, many people like to do some home remedies. Some suggestions include:

  • Express sincere gratitude to the Sun for his blessings of light and warmth
  • Learn the Sun Gayatri mantra
  • Perform the Sun-Water ritual on a daily basis
  • If health allows, practice the Sun Salutation poses
  • Read or recite the 12 names of the Sun
  • Light ghee lamps for the Sun
  • Do extra chanting of simple for the Sun: Om Suryaya Namaha
  • Read the 108 names of the Sun and the commentaries on them in the Sun chapter of Yoga of the Planets: Their Mantras and Philosophy by Andrew Foss


The Sun in Leo

Pillai Center offers a Pillai Center Academy self-study online course about how to Awaken with the Sun. Engaging with this course while the Sun is in Leo, in a very strong position, can make it easier to deeply absorb this material.

Some people who are especially looking to improve health or receive other benefits from the Sun like to get a Sun Yantra and keep it where they will see it daily. Since the Sun rules the East, many people like to place a Sun Yantra facing toward the East.

A gentle reminder that all the planets, including the Sun, like it when we perform acts of compassion. It is always a good gesture to do an act of kindness for others such as feeding a hungry person or helping an elderly or a disabled person or making a donation to Dr. Pillai’s charity Tripura Foundation or any other charity of your choice.

May the Sun bless us during his stay in Leo and renew our health. May he fill us with light and higher intelligence and deepen our self-confidence and give us positive self-esteem. May he bless us to grow in universal friendship and service toward everyone. May he grant us power to create a better life for ourselves and a better world for others. We ask the Sun to illuminate us with fresh creativity and to literally give us a sunny disposition.

May light encompass all.

Swamini Valli Wells is a Pillai Center Teacher and an AstroVed Astrologer who does Live Astrologer Consultations for the USD version of AstroVed, Dr. Pillai’s astrology site.


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