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“There is a tradition in India that we celebrate Krishna’s birthday every year. This happens to be at a time when there is Ashtami, which is the eighth moon corresponding to his birth star, which is Rohini. When they overlap, that is the most auspicious time…

What is Krishna going to do? First, he will give you the material comforts because he is the material principle. Otherwise, it is not going to work. You cannot simply talk about philosophy, evolution, light body, etc, to people who are really struggling with day to day problems with money. Krishna will first make sure that you have the money. How will you get it? It is through miracles that he will perform on your behalf.” – Dr. Pillai


Krishna is an Avatar (Divine Incarnation) of Wealth Archetype Vishnu. He and his wife, Radha, dissolve poverty consciousness and demonstrate a relationship of pure, suffering-free bliss. They also represent the oneness of human and God.

Krishna’s birthday, which is August 24 this year, is when his consciousness is most available for miracles.

Dr. Pillai teaches that the birthday of an archetype is the birth of that archetype’s energy within oneself.

Krishna Janmashtami – History and Significance

Bhagavan Shri Krishna is an important deity of Hinduism. He is the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu and was born on the eighth (Ashtami) day of the dark fortnight in the Bhadrapada month (August–September) in Mathura.

Krishna is the most popular of Lord Vishnu’s incarnations and is worshiped all over India and in some other countries.

As per mythology, Krishna was born to Princess Devaki and Vasudeva, who belonged to the Yadava clan of Mathura. Devaki’s brother Kansa, the then king of Mathura, jailed Devaki and Vasudeva and killed all the children born Devaki and Vasudeva to safeguard himself from a prediction that Devaki’s eighth son would kill him. Thus, when Krishna was born, Vasudeva took the baby Krishna to his friend’s house in Gokula. After that, Krishna was brought up by Nanda and his wife Yashoda at Gokul.

Krishna Janmashtami is also known as Krishnaasthami, Janmasthami, Krishna Jayanti, Gokulasthami, Sree Jayanti, and Nandotsav.


Radha & Krishna Invite You to Their Pleasure Garden

Dr. Pillai considers Radha and Krishna to be inseparable. Together, they are believed to dissolve poverty consciousness and help you attract wealth and attain all the heavenly and earthly pleasures.

Some people think spirituality means renouncing pleasure. This Divine Couple disagrees.

Dr. Pillai explains:

“The paradigm that Radha and Krishna represent is a great paradigm in which you see youthhood and the pleasure garden. Not even a moment of sorrow or suffering is experienced in their pleasure garden called Brindavan.

Human beings have come to a point when we are unable to even conceptualize that we could only have joy and no suffering at all because what we see from birth to death is pain.

The paradigm that Radha and Krishna have laid out is a paradigm of extreme beauty, luxury, and pleasure, and no room for pain. The human beings have to come to that level. That’s Heaven on Earth, that’s the Golden Age. We all deserve that, and it has to manifest on this Earth plane.”

Joining their Pleasure Garden or renouncing earthly pleasures is up to you, as Krishna is versatile.

Dr. Pillai says,

Krishna is both a material God as well as a spiritual God. Krishna can give you whatever you want depending on how you perceive him. If you perceive him as one who is against materialism and going to give you enlightenment, then he will do that. And if you perceive him as a ‘Party God,’ then he will give you that as well.”


Krishna Janmashtami – Celebration

The festival is celebrated grandly at Mathura, Vrindavan (Brindaban), Gokul, Dwaraka, and Kurukshetra. Krishna temples and pooja rooms at homes are decorated with sacred leaves and flowers for two days.

On the first day of Krishna Jayanthi, devotees keep a vigil and fast until midnight, the traditional hour of his birth. A small idol of Shri Krishna is kept in a small cradle, and at midnight abhisheka (hydration) is performed to it with milk, curd, sandal paste, rose water, tender coconut, and flowers.

Then the idol of Krishna is dressed in new clothes, and ornaments are decked on him. Finally, the devotees offer the specially prepared sweets to Lord Krishna and begin the special worship. The food and sweets offered to Lord Krishna are then distributed amongst the devotees as prasad.

After breaking their fast by eating the prasad, the devotees sing divine bhajans in praise of Lord Krishna. The recitals of Srimad Bhagavata and Bhagavad Gita are organized. Puppets shows depicting the life of Krishna are also arranged.

Krishna Janmashtami – Date(Puja Tithi) and Time

Lord Krishna was born at midnight on Ashtami tithi (8th day) under Rohini Nakshatra. According to the Amanta calendar, the month of Lord Krishna’s birth is Shravan, and as per the Purnimantha calendar, the month is Bhadrapad.

While corresponding to the Gregorian calendar, Krishna Janmashtami occurs during the August – September months, and its exact date depends on the lunar cycle.

Generally, Krishna Jayanthi is observed for two consecutive days. The devotees belonging to the Smarta Sampradaya celebrate on the first day, and the devotees of the Vaishnava Sampradaya celebrate on the second day. For 2021, Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on August 30 and 31.

How Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated

Krishna Jayanti is celebrated by devotees all over India. However, as per the traditions of a particular region, the rituals and customs of the festival differ.

In Maharashtra, Dahi Handi is organized across the states. An earthen pot filled with buttermilk is hung at the top, and a human pyramid is formed to break the pot. Several individuals come together and form teams to participate in the Dahi Handi event. The event is very popular amongst the youths and prizes worth lakhs are announced as rewards for the winners.

In Uttar Pradesh, on this day, a huge number of devotees visit the popular Krishna temples located in the holy cities of Mathura and Vrindavan. In Gujarat, Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with pomp as the Dwarkadhish temple is situated in Dwarka. Lord Krishna ruled as a king from the city of Dwaraka.

In Jammu, kite flying competitions are organized on this day. In Manipur, Krishna Janmashtami is called Krishna Janma and is celebrated at the ISCKON Temple in the state capital of Imphal.

In West Bengal and Orissa, Janmasthami followed by Nanda Utsav. Devotees observe a day-long fast and offer different varieties of sweets to the Lord at midnight. Special pujas and ceremonies are held at Puri in Odhisa and Nabadwip in West Bengal.

In Karnataka, Andhra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala, women decorate their houses with small footprints made of rice flour to mark the arrival of baby Krishna to their homes. They also prepare a sumptuous feast and sweets and offer them to the Lord. Next, parents dress up small children as Krishna and Radha; the family then goes to the nearby Krishna temple for worship.

Benefits of Invoking Krishna on His Birthday

According to scriptures, Krishna’s birthday powertime can bring the following blessings:

  • Material and spiritual growth
  • Fulfillment of desires
  • Improvement in your finances
  • Overcoming of obstacles
  • Progeny
  • Less poverty thinking
  • Ecstatic and healthy relationships
  • Good health
  • Dissolving of karma and sin
  • Removal of darkness and greater wisdom


Mantra & At-Home Practice

Use Krishna’s Maha Mantra: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. Dr. Pillai teaches that this mantra can create miracles: first in your material circumstances, and next in your spirituality. He also says the Krishna Consciousness Movement, which made this mantra popular in the West, fizzled out after its founder’s death because he ignored the value of the material blessings Krishna can provide.

Use the Radha Krishna Mantra: Radhe Bol Hari Bol, Radhe Bol Hari Bol. It’s pronounced RAHD-hay bowl HAH-ree bowl. Dr. Pillai says: “Through the magic of Krishna, through the magic of Radha, things will change dramatically in your life because this energy is so compassionate and it has complete control over the material world. So, whatever material things that you need, the moment you say ‘Radha and Krishna’ and be in ecstasy, then you will reincarnate their energy within your own soul.”


Powertime Enhancer

Join the Krishna’s Birthday Fire Prayers to destroy poverty and to enjoy material happiness and evolution on Saturday, August 24 PDT. There are multiple packages to choose from. Benefit from home via ancient Vedic proxy (distance) technology.


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