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Powertime: Autumn Navaratri 2018

October 9 – 17 PDT

“If you don’t have miracles in your life, it is because you have failed to recognize the Goddess. She’s here already as an archetypal presence in your unconscious. Timing is important, and the upcoming 9 Nights of the Goddess is when she begins to descend into the Earth plane. Is she alive? Is she a presence? Yes. She is a presence. She has a form, and she is descending.” – Dr. Pillai


According to tradition, the Goddess descends to the Earth plane in 9 forms to vanquish negative energy and help you manifest wealth, health, love, and other desires. She does this in the autumn and spring for 9 nights each. In India, this period is known as Navaratri.

For the first time, we will host 9 Fire Labs for 9 forms of Durga, the protector Goddess who destroys negative forces.

Festivals in India begin October 10, local time. 

Typically, the 9 Nights are considered optimal times for invoking three Goddess Archetypes:

  • Durga (Nights 1-3): She’s believed to destroy demons, negative energy, and negative thinking, protect you from harm, and help you manifest your goals.
  • Lakshmi (Nights 4-6): She’s believed to dissolve poverty consciousness and grant blessings of wealth and abundance of all types.
  • Saraswati (Nights 7-9): She’s believed to govern higher spiritual intelligence, wisdom, the intellect, and the arts.



Invoke Durga with her Maha Mantra: Om Dum Durgaye Namaha. It’s pronounced ohm doom door-gah-YAY NAH-mah-hah. The mantra invokes Durga for protection, the removal of dark forces, and blessings to help you manifest your desires.

Invoke Lakshmi with the Ultimate Wealth Mantra: Shreem Brzee. The mantra invokes Lakshmi. People use it to dissolve poverty consciousness and attract wealth.

Invoke Saraswati with her Maha Mantra: Om Saraswati Namaha. The mantra invokes Saraswati to increase wisdom, intuition, creativity, and intelligence of all kinds.



Join a western Pillai Center teacher for 9 Nights Fire Labs and guided chanting this Tuesday evening PDT. The deadline to register for all nine is Tuesday at 5:00 pm PDT. Dr. Pillai teaches that chanting mantras, and praying, in groups multiplies the power of the mantras and prayers.

Join the Vedic priests for the Grand 9 Forms of Durga Fire Labs, and other Goddess offerings, on Wednesday PDT. You can enjoy the benefits from anywhere in the world, thanks to both proxy (distance) spiritual technology and modern webcast technology. Sign up by Wednesday, 1:30 am PDT to enjoy all 9.


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