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Powertime: Swarna Akarshana Bhairava Attracts Wealth & Friends

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 PST

“Bhairava means the principle of creation, maintenance, and dissolution. So, he is the totality of time – the beginning, middle, and the end. Bhairava is Shiva himself, who gives the supreme understanding of all possibilities of human consciousness.”

“It is related to time because the faster time moves, the faster the mind moves. It should be incredibly fast, and Bhairava instantaneously manifests things for you…

It is a misconception that working long hard hours will give you the greatest rewards. You can transform the power of your hours into seconds by compressing time with Kala Bhairava. Kala Bhairava knows the secret for compressing time.” 


Kala Bhairava is the Archetype of Time, much like the Greek God, Chronos. He is also a ferocious form of Shiva, the Ultimate Archetype of Karma Removal. His powertimes are 8th Moon days, both waxing and waning. He can help with time management, doing things at the right time, and condensing time.

Kal Bhairavar

Lord Kal Bhairav is worshipped as the lord of time; he is believed to eradicate the world when the time for its end comes. There are two meanings attributed to the word ‘Kal.’ Kal refers to time and the black color.

Shrines for Bhairava are found in almost every shiva temple, and there are also some individual temples dedicated to Bhairavar. He is considered to be a caretaker of temples. During earlier times, when the temples were locked at night, its keys were placed before the bhairavar shrine and were collected in the morning.

Swarna akarshana Bhairava

Lord Bhairava is believed to have several manifestations, and amongst them, eight are very popular. The eight manifestations of Bhairavar, popularly known as Ashta Bhairava. Swarna akarshana Bhairavar does not fall under these eight manifestations but is a popular form of lord Kal Bhairava. He is also referred to as Dhana akarshana Bhairava, one who brings wealth.

Swarna akarshana Bhairav is in golden color and has four hands. On his upper hands, he holds a kalasa and damaru. The kalasa has coconut on its top and is decorated with sacred mango leaves. One of his lower hand is found embracing his consort, Bhairavi and the other hand shows Abhaya mudra (gesture offering protection) or holds a trident.

Dhana akarshana Bhairava is found without the skull garland and the dog, his vahana. Usually, Bhairava is portrayed without ornaments. But true to his name, he wears many golden and other precious ornaments. His attires are in golden color. Certain legends record that he is the guardian of entire wealth. It was Dhana akarshana Bhairavar who distributed wealth to Mahalakshmi, the goddess for wealth, and Kubera, the custodian of wealth.

Meaning of the Swarna akarshana

The words Swarna and akarshana are of Sanskrit origin. Swarna means gold, and akarshana means the force of attraction. Gold is considered to be pure and divine metal. It characterizes wealth and prosperity. Gold releases positive vibes, and possessing gold is considered to bring fortune to the possessor.

Offerings to Swarna akarshana Bhairav

Panakam – a jaggery-based drink and sweets made using ash gourd are offered to Swarna akarshana Bhairava. Coconuts, food prepared from Black Lentils are also offered. Red or yellow color flowers are apt for worship.

Benefits of worshipping Swarna Akarshana Bhairavar

  • Wealth accumulation
  • The solution to financial problems
  • Stops draining of wealth
  • Buying of properties and precious metals
  • Acquiring good friendship

Mantra & At-Home Practice:

Chant the mantra that quickens manifestations: Udyamo Bhairava. It’s pronounced WOOD-yah-mo BUY-rah-vah. It invokes Kala Bhairava’s ability to condense time with the consciousness that transcends it. Use it to achieve your goals more quickly.

Use Swarna Akarshana Bhairava’s mantra to attract wealth: Om Shreem Swarna Akarshana Bhairavaya Namaha. It’s pronounced ohm shreem SWAHR-nah ah-kahr-SHAH-nah BYE-rah-vah.

Powertime Enhancer:

Invoke Swarna Akarshana Bhairava in the Attract Golden Abundance and Golden Friends Interactive Fire Lab on Tuesday, February 26 PST. The expert priests will invoke his powers on your behalf to help you receive the consciousness necessary for attracting wealth, friends, and amazing times with existing friends.

Enjoy the benefits from anywhere in the world through ancient Vedic proxy (distance) technology. You can also tune in to the live webcast.

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