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“There is a gift-giving time from the ancestors to their descendants living on this Earth plane. The ancestors who passed from the earth and living in another plane are invoked to give abundant blessings. This 2-week period is very critical for you, for everyone. Even the enlightened Yogis and Rishis wait for this time, which comes only once a year, to get blessings from their own ancestors…

… Tarpanam literally means food offering to the ancestors. Do this Tarpanam. Do this ancestral offering. Do this religiously, every day as if you are brushing your teeth. It does work, and it works better than any other practices. You will have miracles.”

~ Dr. Pillai

The fortnight of Mahalaya is believed to be a special time window for healing karmic afflictions related to your ancestors. It is a time to help them purify and free themselves. In return, they become more powerful, bring you blessings, and help free you from problems you have inherited from them through Soul Genetics.

This powertime is called Mahalaya Paksham. It occurs during the Moon’s waning period during the month of Bhadrapada (occur between Aug/Sep/Oct), which is known in Tamil Nadu as Purattasi.

The 15-day window leads into the New Moon powertime, which is celebrated as the climax. It is the ideal New Moon to dissolve the thought cycles and karma that were passed on to you from your mother and father. Your ancestors are closest to you and ready to shower you with blessings on this day.

Below, you’ll learn about the two-week powertime, how to perform Tarpanam to remove ancestral karma, and opportunities to get started beginning with the Full Moon”.


Significance of Mahalaya Paksham

According to scripture and tradition, a demon named Mahishasura was torturing everyone in Heaven and on Earth. Three Gods – Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma – created a demon-destroying Goddess named Durga to defeat the demon. Her victory over the demon is now commemorated as Mahalaya.

Goddess Durga descended to the Earth plane, during what would later become Mahalaya, to kill the demon. The other archetypes supplied her with an assortment of weapons and heavenly powers to get the job done.

These events make Mahalaya an excellent time to connect with Durga to destroy inner and outer demons that are troubling you or your ancestors.

In another legend, Karna – the son of the Sun God, Surya – died and went to heaven. He was greeted with money and treasure instead of an offering of food. When he asked why there was no food, Indra (King of Heaven) told him he didn’t perform Tarpanam for his ancestors. Karna thought Tarpanam was pointless if he didn’t know his ancestors, so Indra sent him back to the Earth plane for two weeks to let him perform Tarpanam.

The two weeks became known as Mahalaya.


At-Home Practice 

How to Practice Tarpanam

You will need non-instant white rice, black sesame seeds, at least one coin, and a container of water. These are all easy items to find. If you can also obtain dharba grass, you can add it to your Tarpanam practice.

This video will teach you all you need to know to bring liberation to yourself, your ancestors, and your descendants by performing Tarpanam. Underneath that, you also have the opportunity to allow our expert Vedic priests perform Tarpanam for you.


How to Make the Most of Mahalaya, Beginning with the Full Moon

Let Our Expert Priests Perform Tarpanam on Your Behalf

“It’s important that you have the specialist priests to do this ceremony for you, (for) your ancestors on the father’s side and on the mother’s side. Take advantage of this 15-day Mahalaya period to overcome genetic ailments and to solve your life problems.” – Dr. Pillai

You can sign up for different packages of Tarpanam for the two-week Mahalaya period or register for a full year of Tarpanam offerings.



Join the Targeted Ceremonies for Mahalayaa



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