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Age of Ascension

Dr. Pillai: “Incredible bliss and the entire galaxy will praise the kind of life you are living as we prepare for the age of Ascension. They will praise you, “Look at these guys, they are incredibly happy!” And you will also have the powers to do miracles and experience God. Why are you imagining unhappiness? Put an end to that. 

We have to party all the time, and when you party all the time, you will get the bliss, and have the power to do miracles. 

Experiencing Krishna’s Heaven During The Age of Ascension

Krishna is not only the teacher of the Bhagavad Gita, a supreme textbook of different types of yogas, He is also a party-god on Earth as well as in Vaikunta, His Heaven. Uninterrupted joy is only possible through union with Him. This union transforms the human body, one’s economics, and spirituality. This union is bliss unending. Body, mind, wealth, health, and enlightenment cannot be separated. It is all one Bliss.

Experiencing the Royalty and Divinity of Washington DC 

Washington DC is the supreme geopolitical power spot of the Earth plane. To step on the Earth in Washington and breathe air here will infuse you with royalty and invincible consciousness. Spiritually, it is the city of Shiva , the High God of the Hindus. Washington is Shiva’s  town (SHI-VA-NG-TON/ VA-SHI-NG-TON). The syllables ‘SH’ and ‘VA’ represent the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

It is not an accident that Latham Muruga’s Temple houses the Madurai Shiva, who came to the Earth plane to rule our planet. Although everyone has God’s energy, obstacles have to be confronted and conquered. You will learn mantras to conquer planetary, time, and sinful past life karma. 

Ending Suffering: Advent of Swami Ramalingam, Day 1

God-men come to the Earth plane from time to time to change human finitude. Every God-man only somewhat succeeds. Ramalingam’s arrival in 1823 is the latest one and has a comprehensive plan for liberation from disease, old age, and death. Ramalingam’s message is that we are fundamentally light particles and not decaying flesh and blood. We will work on several of the techniques to change our bodily cells into light particles.

Day 2 Ramalingam Empowerment

October 5th is Swami Ramalingam’s birthday. He is supposed to come back to the Earth plane on January 30th, 2024 to transform the world. At that time, he will perform miracles to change human biology. We will spend the day inviting him in our body, mind, and soul through the moola mantra he received from Shiva.”

Age of Ascension to Paradise: The Divine Feminine Opens Portal to Supreme Bliss

Dr. Pillai hosted a live event to share the importance of the Goddess’ role in preparing for this time of Divine bliss on Earth. In case you missed it, you can watch the replay by clicking the video below.


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