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Intuitive Feminine Mind

Dr. Pillai: “There is a solution for every problem. There is not a problem for which there is no solution, and that solution has to come from deep within, not from your rational mind, but from the intuitive mind, combined with the rational mind. But the most important thing is the intuitive mind; it has a greater understanding of the reality of solving problems. 

The intuitive mind is the feminine

The masculine and the feminine are in both the male and the female.  A male is not just a male, and a female is not just a female—they are both.

The success of a man is because of his female part, or the feminine part. That is one of the theories in western psychology. But in India, they are very clear.

The female has the ability to intuitively know structure and organize meticulously. That is why they are able to create. A man is only responsible for starting at creation, but he does not know the conceptual level within the womb, the nurturing part of it, and the care—all these are due to the feminine.

Why am I talking about all these things? Because in the upcoming Nine Nights of the Goddess, I am going to talk about the feminine.

The feminine is called Shakti

What does the word “Shakti” mean? Shakti in Sanskrit and in Tamil also means “Power.”

Many years ago, I gave a talk on why the Indian culture attributed power to women whereas they are not powerful in society, economically, socially, religiously.

Why did they still call it Shakti, meaning Power? What kind of power? It is the intuitive, creative power. That is true of Jesus too. Jesus’s resurrection is attributed to Mother Mary, to the Womb Chakra. The womb chakra is a very powerful Chakra. The womb is a protector energy, it protects and it gives you the energy of intuition.

All these are necessary from a practical standpoint. 

For anyone to succeed in any area of life, you have to have that intuitive power

It is not simply an intuitive power, it is also the power of might. It is also attributed to the woman, she is mighty. All that has to be understood and utilized in one’s life if you want to be successful.

Most religious and spiritual organizations have more women; that is true of Jesus too. He had more women than men, but they did not succeed. Why?

Because they lack the understanding of how to use their Shakti, their power. I also learned certain political issues between two women fighting, all that are practical issues, which I will talk about during this Nine Nights of The Goddess. 

In the nine nights of the Goddess, the ferocious, the killer part of the feminine is to empathize. 

It is a matter of understanding what is going to give you that particular type of consciousness and motivation 

What is going to give you the great nurturing growth factor at a very subtle atomic level is at the level of the mantras.

The mantras were discovered by the yogis and rishis because they wanted to solve problems at a very fundamental level, at the genetic level, at the level of origin. They always talked about going to the root, to the seed, and doing some changes there. Whether you want to have a fighter attitude, there is a Goddess. The fighting Goddess is Kali [or] Durga. There are mantras for them.

The loving Goddess is more like Lakshmi, and she is into more luxury, loving very naturally, clothes, homes, all kinds of luxury items. That again is getting to know what creates that set of mind, attitude, and characteristics.

That is something new I am going to do during this Navaratri program of initiation. 

I am going to initiate you into how to go to the very root of feminine power 

That is reflected not only in the archetypal feminine, Goddesses and Angels, including Mary, but is also related to the human female. The human female also is a replica in a miniature form of the Divine feminine.

That is why the word “mantra” has become so famous because it has almost become an English word. A mantra is like a password and using that mantra to get quick results.”

Age of Ascension to Paradise: The Divine Feminine Opens Portal to Supreme Bliss

The Goddess is a prerequisite to access higher realms of Divine Consciousness. Connecting with Supreme Goddess energy (Shakti), while her energy is most alive during Navaratri, presents us with an auspicious opportunity to prepare to access the grace of Krishna and Ramalingman. 

These two Gods are the key archetypes in guiding us to fully embrace the pure bliss and joy brought forth during the Age of Ascension, as they offer blessings of transformation and miracles.

We warmly invite you to watch the replay of a recent webinar with Dr. Pillai where he shared his divine insights about invoking special forms of the Goddess during Navaratri, and channeling Goddess energy to access the opening to supreme bliss, transformation, and miracles during the Age of Ascension.

Click to watch the video below.

Community Meditation & Mantra Chanting

Live Sessions 7–8: Invoke Goddess Saraswati

October 1–3 at 7:00 pm PDT 

Invoke Goddess Saraswati during the last 3 Nights of Navaratri

Join an experienced Pillai Center Teacher to invoke Goddess Saraswati. You will have the opportunity to attract group synergy by chanting the respective Goddess’ mantra as a community and immersing in a pre-recorded meditation from Dr. Pillai.

Invoking Goddess Saraswati can: 

  • Grant supreme wisdom, great consciousness, and natural intelligence
  • Vanquish all ignorance and false knowledge
  • Bestow creativity and artistic aptitude