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Age of Ascension

Dr. Pillai: “Ascension to paradise starts today. The star is Purva Bhadrabada, and it is September 10th, 2022. What a day! This day marks the end of human suffering and gives us access to paradise.

Paradise is not just a concept or mythology, it is real. It is better than going to Mars, the Moon, or other planets. It is an ascension into Heaven. Heaven is for real. 

Jesus came here to bring Heaven down to the Earth plane.

It is the time of Ascension into Heaven

Vishnu’s Heaven is called “Vaikuntha.” It is full of bliss. It  is not only that you are going to experience bliss right after your death and fly to the Heaven of Vishnu or Krishna. 

Both are the same, but right when you are here on this Earth plane. Human beings have completely lost even to conceptualize or imagine Heaven because we are stuck in this world of suffering, the world of scarcity, all of the disease, aging, and death.

Today, everything has changed. 

From now on, be prepared and embrace Heaven on the Earth plane

We are going to rehearse how it is going to be living in Heaven to embrace incredible bliss, from one moment to another, endless bliss, no pain, no disease; only joy, happiness, bliss, and a relationship with the Divine and each other. 

It is a totally new experience that humanity is going to get starting from today. You will be floating into Heaven.

Initially, it may appear to be just an imagination, a fantasy. Start it as a fantasy. Then you will see miraculously it will become a real experience or more than a real experience. This experience, although an imagination, is more real than reality.

I now remember as I speak this, Einstein once said, “Imagination is better than intellect.” It is through imagination that Einstein found this secret of light, space, and time. 

He got into a bus and imagined that he was speeding at the speed of light. It is just an incredible place to be here after being on the Earth plane.

There will be a transition period. That will be a wake-up call for us to get into a new kind of reality, a new modality of thinking, feeling,  experiencing, and filling our eyes with beauty. There will be incredible joy when you are confronted with beauty. 

Beauty is God and God is beauty 

That has been lost to us, but now we have gotten it all back.

Our meditation is going to be in the field, in the domain of incredible happiness where you can meet Jesus. 

People who saw Jesus ascending were in ecstasy, and when he is going to descend, it is going to be a rapture in ascension, when he is getting down into this Earth plane. 

Jesus is the same as any other God of any religion; there is no difference. It is all your choice. I am bringing them all together under the Religion of Religions.

It is Vishnu predominantly because he is the epitome, the ultimate statement of beauty, of blue-colored skin, with deep eyes that will completely transform you. 

If you look at the eyes of Vishnu and this mark on his third eye, it will transform you—you will experience all of that during this time of the ascension age. 

This is the Age of Ascension 

It has started and we celebrate it on the 5th of October, which is the day Ramalingam, who turned his body into light, was born 200 years ago. 

On the same day, we also celebrate Madhva. Madhva is an incarnation of Vishnu himself, but did not declare that he was Vishnu.

His breath is the prana. We are going to experience the Divine breath that will change our mind. Madhva is an incarnation of the God of the breath, prana. He is the breath of Vishnu. 

Vishnu is breath; he is the God of ‘Vayu’ which is the air, and you breathe that air and it will transform your body. Madhva is also Hanuman. 

You are going to have incredible strength and the ability to fly—all that Hanuman was able to do. Hanuman is also the most intelligent being. So is Bheema, another being in the Mahabharata period, one of the five brothers; he is incredibly intelligent and powerful.

So in Madhva, we see the Divine breath of Vishnu, Hanuman, and Bheema.

Altogether, you will experience that in your body and ascend. One moment to another is only moving from a continuation of joy. It might appear to be a fantasy, but that fantasy will give you enough proof in your own life of moving into Heaven. 

It is all because you are dedicated to this being of bliss, this being of incredible luxury, this being of beauty, joy, youthfulness, love, and romance. Radha and Krishna—all of these will be yours if you can dedicate yourself to experience Heaven.

Heaven on Earth is also the promise of Jesus 

‘I will go and prepare a room for you in Heaven.’ Now that Heaven is here, we do not want to think of any negative thoughts of scarcity, war, terror, or disease. All this should come to an end.

It is coming to an end. This is the time for ascension and bliss, celebration, dance,

and music. Hari Bol, Hari Bol, Hari Bol, Hari Bol.”

Age of Ascension to Paradise: The Divine Feminine Opens Portal to Supreme Bliss

Dr. Pillai has recently revealed a new intention to share his insights about the Age of Ascension to Paradise during his webinar. He shares the importance of the Goddess’ role in preparing for this time of Divine bliss on Earth.

The Goddess is a prerequisite to access higher realms of Divine Consciousness. Connecting with Supreme Goddess energy (Shakti), while her energy is most alive during Navaratri, presents us with an auspicious opportunity to prepare to access the grace of Krishna and Ramalingman. These two Gods are the key archetypes in guiding us to fully embrace the pure bliss and joy brought forth during the Age of Ascension, as they offer blessings of transformation and miracles.

Watch the replay where Dr. Pillai received his divine insights about invoking special forms of the Goddess during Navaratri, and channeling Goddess energy to access the opening to supreme bliss, transformation, and miracles during the Age of Ascension.


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