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Dr. Pillai: “Success and failure are related to what you think and do, and there is a time period called Mahalaya wherein you can monitor and control your success and failure. The problem is you are not completely in charge of what you are thinking or doing. We are not completely in control. 

Then who is in control? I am going to give you a perspective from the spiritual traditions of India, China, Japan, and also the ancient cultures. They say that you are not thinking, or doing things on your own. Who is thinking through you, or a number of people? Your grandfathers, your father, great-great grandfather on both sides of the family, the mother, and the father. This is a philosophical notion, but is it scientific? Yes, it is scientific because we all know that we inherit diseases from our father, mother, grandfather, and so forth, genetically.

What do genes mean? The genes mean a certain type of energy and intelligence, and that includes your thoughts and actions. Genetics is very important, but beyond biological genes, there are  what is called spiritual genes. That is why Einstein is right. Do not just be totally hooked onto science and technology, go beyond that. Look at the methodology given by religion. You have to go to religion through Einstein because Einstein said where science ends, religion begins. because it takes you to a dimension that cannot be investigated by science. Why am I saying all this? 

An important time is coming for 15 days where you are in touch with your ancestors 

They are coming down to your house.We do not see where they are and what they are doing. A simple thing that you can do which can transform your life, your actions, and your thinking is just giving them an offering. 

The offering with black sesame seeds with rice and water is called Tarpanam. One teaching that I would stand by and will support as the best teaching that I have ever done is doing this ancestral offering called Tarpanam which will transform your entire life – your thought patterns, your actions and your bad fortune. 

You are directly being controlled by the soul genes from your ancestors

Those soul genes which I call ‘Soul Genetics’ control your actions, your thinking, your fortune, your luck, or your misfortune, bad luck. Everything is controlled by that. What are you going to do? At least do these rituals.

There are specialists who can do this. I know only one or two people who can do that who can monitor their ability to see the spirits and report to you. Make sure that you take advantage of this time period. This is called the Mahalaya New Moon, 15 days. If you observe these 15 days, you can change a lot of things in your life. 

Reconnect To Your Ancestors & Receive Their Blessings

There is a special period of time when the departed souls of your ancestors come to the Earth Plane. This is very important for everybody, for the Kings, for the lay people, for the Yogis because your life is controlled, whether you are a king or a beggar, your life is controlled by your ancestors. 

Soul Geneticsexplains how you not only inherit your biological genes from your ancestors, but you also inherit soul genes from your ancestors. You think thoughts that come from your ancestors, and you can change them or modify them by developing a relationship with ancestors. This science was discovered by Yogis who just wanted to modify your life on this Earth plane by just understanding the dynamics between you and your ancestors. 

There are times where you can do this very successfully. 

One such time is called ‘Mahalaya’ on New Moon time

This happens on September 11th through September 25th of this year. 

There are going to be special offerings done at sacred sites to propitiate the ancestor’s departed spirits, because during this time the ancestors come to the Earth Plane. It is very key that you can actually address every aspect of your life by looking into your relationship with your ancestors. 

 Besides doing it professionally through the priests trained to give offerings, I highly recommend during this time that you do the offering yourself. It is very simple, just call on the spirits from your mother and father’s side, and then get some  black sesame seeds, and water for you. That will do a lot of good for you. 

I encourage every one of you to do this while the time is very significant. 

God Bless.”

Mahalaya Daily Ancestor Offerings 16-Day Series

Perform Tarpanam According to the Moon Phase

September 10-25 at 8 am PDT | 3 pm UTC

Join us on the Pillai Center Practice YouTube channel during each day of Mahalaya, beginning September 10, for free sessions to learn how to perform Tarpanam (ancestor offerings) according to each Moon phase.