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On Saturday, July 16th, the Sun will enter Cancer, initiating the Tamil month of Aadi. This day is called the Vedic Summer Solstice, after which the Sun will be traveling southward through the zodiac for the next 6 months.

Sun transiting Cancer this month is going to activate Goddess Consciousness. This is because the Sun (the King) will be in the Queen’s house. Cancer, the most nurturing and emotionally sensitive sign, is ruled by the Moon (the Queen).

Cancer, known as Karkata in Sanskrit, is a watery sign symbolized by the crab. Water has to do with emotion. Crabs are sensitive creatures that have a hard exoskeleton to protect them from the elements as they move  between the ocean and the shore.

Cancer is the natural 4th house of the zodiac, having to do with your happiness and material comforts like home and vehicle. It relates to your heart and mind in the physical body, and it signifies your mother & also relates to friends, happiness, and education. Sun in the 4th house can signify a good time for real estate matters, education, and possibly to repair your home or vehicle. On the down side, there could be emotional disturbances in the family or problems with the mother, home and vehicles.

Dr. Pillai has shared how meditating on the sacred geometry of the square can “square away” your material comforts. He talks about this in his book, Life Changing Sounds: Tools from the Other Side and in the 4th month of the 12-month Personal Transformation Program. He has given many manifestation techniques, and one thing he suggest there is to draw a square and to visualize/write/draw your manifestations inside the square. And then put the square(s) where you can see them. You can even use post-it notes as they are cut in perfect squares.

If you are not happy with your home, your body, your vehicle, then looking at a square can help you to square away your consciousness and thus square away your material comforts. Whatever is on the outside, we have created from our insides. It’s interesting that 4 is also Ganesha’s number. He is most active here on the 4th or 14th moon phases. Invoking Ganesha by chanting Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha is in incredibly powerful way to solve any problem.

Venus will also be transiting Cancer this month. Since Goddess Lakshmi rules Venus, more opportunities to connect to Goddess energy will be there. Venus brings in beauty, luxury, romance, and the arts.

Goddess energy, or Shakti, is the creative force of the universe. You can develop a relationship with the Goddess and increase our level of love, abundance, and positivity. Dr. Pillai has said that being spiritual is being positive and that faith is just utter positivity. The energies this month will support you in connecting with the Goddess.

The Sun is not completely comfortable in Cancer as it is the 12th house from his own house of Leo. So if you feel fear, worry, anger, overwhelming emotions, or laziness this month, the remedy is to honor the Goddess, especially on Fridays.

Each of the four Fridays, known as Aadi Vellis, will be power days for honoring the Goddess and receiving her blessings. According to the Astroved astrologers, there is a specific energy available for each Friday:

  • Friday, July 22nd – Obtain the Goddess’s support for increasing wealth consciousness.
  • Friday, July 29th – Pray to the Goddess for stability, increasing productivity and material security.
  • Friday, August 5th – Worship the Goddess to experience ongoing enjoyment in every moment of life and to be blessed with happiness and joy.
  • Friday, August 12 – Worship Goddess Lalitha for power and protection. It is also a good day for success; to establish your goals and attain them smoothly and effortlessly.

Participate in Astroved’s LIVE Webcast of Sri Vidya Sahida Sampudikarana Lalitha Sahasranamam Homa (Negativity Removal and Prosperity Fire Lab) August 12th at 4:30 a.m. PDT / 7:30 a.m. EDT.

You can honor the Goddess at home very simply by offering candlelight/ghee lamp, incense, flowers and raisens/fruit/sweets to a picture, yantra, or statue of a Goddess. Chant one of her mantras such as the ultimate wealth mantra Shreem Brzee.  Learn more about additional Goddess rituals to be performed by Astroved.

Astroved will be performing a rare Bhagavati Seva ritual for Goddess Varahi on July 16th as well. Learn more.

Powerful Sani Pradosham This Week

The day Sun enters Cancer will be a Saturday Pradosham  – the most powerful time to dissolve stubborn karma. Pradosham starts at 6:02 p.m. EDT and  continues into the next day, Sunday, July 17th.

A simple hydration ritual during Pradosham invokes Lord Siva to come and clear your karma. One and a half hours around sunset, pour milk, water, and/or juice on a siva linga as you chant Thiru Neela Kantam Makaral Sivayanama. Visualize blue light in your throat and pray for your karmas to be dissolved. To remove more karma, you can roll a lime or coconut on your throat, head and shoulders while chanting the mantra. Then cut the lime or break the coconut and throw it away.

Guru Purnima Next Week

July 18-19, 2016 will mark Guru Purnima, or the Full Moon of the Guru. This is an extremely powerful day of the year to honor and reconnect to God and your spiritual teacher. You can experience spiritual and material blessings. Consider attending Dr. Pillai’s San Diego event in person or joining Guru Purnima Virtual which includes a 3-hour LIVE Webcast on July 18th. Guru Purnima is a great day to:

  • Be grateful to your spiritual teachers and connect to their energy.
  • Meditate and do spiritual rituals for enlightenment and prosperity.
  • Donate to charity.

For the first time ever, Astroved will be conducting a Fire Lab for the 16 Siddhas. Watch the LIVE 18 Siddhas Fire Lab on July 18th 8:15pm EDT on Astroved.com.  As a bonus, watch a second LIVE Fire Lab on July 18th at 10:00 p.m. PDT/ July 19th at 1:00 a.m. EDT.  It will be a  Rig Veda Sapta Rishi Homa and Medha Sukta Homa (Seven Rishi Fire Lab and Divine Intellect Fire Lab) Read more about the powers each of the 16 siddhas has to bless you in different areas of life.

Big Jupiter Transit August 11, 2016

Learn how the big Jupiter transit into Virgo may affect you on Astroved. There are general predictions based on your moon sign.

Quick Summary for Sun in Cancer

  • Connect to your spiritual teachers for grace and blessings.
  • Embrace Goddess Energy in your life.


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