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Avatar Aarti

Of all the ways to connect with an Enlightened Master, Avatar Aarti (offering Light to the picture of the Master or Guru) is be the simplest yet most profound.

You don’t have to do anything, and I will come and do miracles for you. If you reach out to me, I will reach out to you. It’s a matter of you developing a personal relationship with me on a day-to-day basis, on a minute-by-minute basis. And that is going to decide the success.”

— Dr. Pillai

Learn how to perform Avatar Aarti to connect with Dr. Pillai in preparation for the Full Moon of the Guru on July 12. It is the greatest blessings-filled Full Moon of the year when special rays from the moon radiate the Guru’s Grace to all of humanity.

How To Perform Avatar Aarti

How to Perform Avatar Aarti

Repeat the Avatar Aarti as many times as possible in a day. You can encounter miracle after miracle.” – Dr. Pillai

Avatar Aarti is a simple yet powerful technique that instantly puts you in contact with Dr. Pillai’s energy. It only takes a few minutes to do and can be done whenever you like, as often as you like.

1. Light a ghee lamp or a candle and offer the light to your favorite image of Dr. Pillai while chanting the Moola Mantra.

2. Visualize a column of Divine Light coming down from Heaven, piercing your head and body, connecting you to the Earth.

3. Make your sincere prayer to receive the Guru’s Grace and blessings to fulfill your material needs and spiritual evolution.

The Meaning of Dr. Pillai’s MOOLA MANTRA 


OM is the primordial sound that created all of the galaxies. Life originated from OM. When you say OM or think OM, you are one with all of the universes in this space.

AIM is the mantra for consciousness, and life, and creation. Life, consciousness, creation; from OM comes AIM. It is also the mantra for the Goddess of Education – Saraswati.

HREEM is another Goddess who also comes out of OM. She is the most powerful Goddess because she gives birth to five different powerful Gods.

There are three forms of Shiva: Sadasiva, who creates everything by thinking it; Maheswara, who is the great Shiva; and Rudra, who is powerful, courageous, and strong.  The other two Gods are Vishnu, the Protector God, and Brahma, the Creator God.

SARVA LOKAAYA – Sarva means “All” and Lokaaya means “Galaxies.”

ADITYAAYA means the Sun.

SHIVASATGURU Satguru is said to be the true Guru. The most powerful, authentic Guru is truth; it is Shiva. Shiva is the only true Guru.

BABAYA Baba means the father who removes “papa” which means sins. 

SWAHA means invoking, “I invoke you.”

Moola Mantra English Phonetics (sounds like):

OM (om as in home)

AIM (ime as in lime)

HREEM (soft sounding h + reem)

SARVA LOKAAYA (Sar-va-low-kaa-ya)

ADITYAAYA (Aa-dit-yaa-ya)

SHIVASATGURU (Shee-va-sat-gu-ru)

BABAYA (Ba-ba-ya)

SWAHA (Swaa-Haa)

More Ways to Connect with Dr. Pillai

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