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The Birth of Lord Rama: Rama Navami


“You can literally birth a God within you because God is not just a superstitious concept… The birth of a God is the birth of this particular God within oneself.” – Dr. Pillai


It is customary in many Hindu religious cultures to celebrate the birth of a God, especially if the birth takes place on the Earth plane. As Dr. Pillai indicated in his quote above, a birth of a God is a birth of that particular God within yourself.

There is a special birthday celebration that occurs every year during the first month of the Hindu calendar (Chaitra) which honors the birth of Lord Rama. Rama is one of the most widely worshiped Hindu gods and is recognized as the embodiment of chivalry, virtue, and the personification of perfection. Rama is typically portrayed as a young man with green or blue skin dressed in a yellow robe. His weapon is a bow and arrow. He is understood to be an actual historical figure in India’s ancient history who was born to vanquish evil forces during that time. 


Lord Rama


Rama took birth as the seventh avatar (divine incarnation) of Vishnu. Vishnu is known as a supreme being who is the Preserver and Protector of the Universe. At various times Vishnu has been known to incarnate to combat evil forces that threaten life on the Earth plane. During his incarnation as Rama, he became King of a land called Ayodhya and defeated a great evil that existed during that time. Celebrations marking the anniversary of Lord Rama’s birth typically occur for nine days. This celebration is known as Rama Navami or Rama’s birthday.


The Meaning of Lord Rama’s Birthday (Rama Navami)

Rama represents truth, righteousness, purity of purpose, and justice. He is known for bestowing tremendous powers to his devotees such as Hanuman, the Monkey God who represents devotion and the unlimited potential of all human beings. Gandhi was a well-known devotee of Rama as well. Gandhi had tremendous powers over his own senses, and he had a very powerful influence on the history of India and its relationship with colonial powers.

Dr. Pillai further explains Lord Rama’s birthday:

“Rama Navami is the birthday of Rama. Navami means the 9th Moon. The 9th Moon is a very important Moon because Rama is born. The reason why we celebrate the birth of Avatars, Messiahs, is that they represent hope. They are also the time when we can awaken their energy. Rama is the one that fought for truth all his life. That is the energy that we recall on this day, also the power behind the sound Rama.”

The purpose of Lord Rama’s birth was to defeat a king called Ravana. In Hindu mythology, King Ravana represents a person who is ruled by their own physical senses and bodily instincts. This is understood as evil because one is ruled by their body, rather than their divine spirit. Rama, therefore, represents control over the senses, victory over evil and falsehood, and honoring your Divine Purpose (Dharma) with purity of action. Celebrating Rama’s birthday allows us to birth these wonderful attributes of Rama within ourselves.


How Lord Rama’s Birthday Is Celebrated

Many observers will begin a 9-day fast that begins on the first day of Chaitra and ends on the day of Rama’s birthday. People celebrate Rama Navami through the chanting of hymns, traditional prayers, and fasting. They also provide sacred offerings (such as fruits and flowers) to images of Rama which are often housed in temples and homes for worship. The celebrations peak on Rama’s birthday in the afternoon, close to the time it is believed that he was born.

Rama Navami takes place between March and April on the western calendar. This year the celebration will fall on April 10, 2022. 


Receive Lord Rama’s Powers With His Name

“In the Hindu tradition, they say you should say the name of God – Rama – all of the time. Or you can write his name. Just write Rama Jaya (victory to Rama) a million times. Once you do that, you can get the power of all the Gods and Goddesses who are in Rama, in the name of Rama, Rama, Rama. It’s a tremendously powerful sound.” – Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai says the word Rama is of the same eternal status as ‘Om,’ the primordial sound. The power of “Rama” even predates Rama’s birth. It not only has the power to align you with truth (Dharma) and righteousness, but it can also heal your Karma.

“Whenever you are feeling sad and have no energy, then just start chanting Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama. The sound will completely take over, and then it will stop your bad karma,” he says.

Rama Navami is an ideal time to connect with Lord Rama to ask for purification and clarity. Dr. Pillai offers his guidance in establishing this connection via Pillai Center Academy’s The Royal Power of Rama course. Utilize the meditations, mantras, and teachings that Dr. Pillai provides in this course to help boost your self-confidence, realize your true self-worth, and gain mental peace and joy leading up to Rama Navami. 


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