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Goddess Navaratri

Dr. Pillai: “The Goddess is going to take you to God. Without the goddess, you will never ever reach God because God is not involved in anything. He is completely silent, no activity. He is a perfect Prakasha. Prakasha is self-illumination. 

He is illuminating himself with no activity, no time, nothing.  Who does everything? Vimarsha. Vimarsha is the light that creates, reveals.

Speech itself is the Goddess

I just come here and allow whatever the Goddess or God wants to do with me. God wants to enlighten, activate, stimulate your brain, erase slow time, give instantaneous healing.

I am into femtochemistry. There is at least one Nobel laureate who talked about it. He predicted there will be femto-biology and femtochemistry, and femto-physics. These are one to the power of minus 15. It is very quick so that we do not have to waste time. There is no need to waste time. Do it now. Get it now. You cannot do it. Just all the time do one thing: receive the power.

Receive the power as it is pouring into your body, mind, and soul every second instead of getting lost in rationality

The moment you open your mouth, you are thinking rationally, or logically, instead of receiving this energy that is around you. 

I was just reading Oral Robert. He was a half an hour late waiting for Goddess to get into his right hand. He said he would, he has been, but he did not one day, what can you do? This happened to Benny Hinn also. Benny Hinn went and then he was reading the Bible, ink and paper as Oral Roberts should say, and nothing happened. 

One priest came to Oral Roberts and then said, “Hey, you are healing. You have the power of God, right and left, and what is going to happen to us. We do not have the Goddess getting into our body.” He said “I do not know. I do not know how to answer your question. God has a personal relationship with every priest.” Not only with every priest, with every one of you the Goddess here. 

The Goddess has been given the responsibility to give birth to you, nurture you, take care of your body, money, and everything. 

This is the time of the Goddess 

Receive the Spirit of the Goddess. See her entry into the body, mind, and the soul. Stay with this joy. Remember this initiation at least once an hour for 30 seconds. For 30 seconds, receive this power of the Goddess filling you. God bless!”

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