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Goddess Navaratri

Dr. Pillai: “The Goddess will help you to overcome time because she is timeless and is matter herself. Those of you who have been following me, my teaching has always been: waiting is a waste of time. 

Money and matter equals the Goddess

Even this Earth plane is the Mother Goddess. Without the Mother Goddess, there is no Earth plane at all. You have to develop a very special relationship with the Goddess, and then you will see miracles happening. 

Even Mother Mary was ultimately responsible for bringing Jesus into the world. It is very important. 

The feminine is power 

That is why in the Goddess tradition of India, the Goddess is called Shakti. Shakti means energy and all kinds of power. During this Navaratri, the Nine Nights of the Goddess, I will teach you how to get the Goddess into your body. 

Some evangelists are very successful. Why? I can think of three people: Kathryn Kuhlman, Benny Hinn, and Oral Roberts. They do not get on the stage unless the Holy Spirit gets into their body and then they will be able to do miracles. 

The Holy Spirit is nothing but the Goddess 

It is Ruach, the breath. Once you receive the breath, it will take some time for you to get to know what is really happening.  You are all getting it, but not focusing your attention on it. 

This is the most important point that I am talking about. That is a passage from Acts. I think it is Acts 4, the Pentecost event. God says “There will come a time I will pour upon your body, your flesh, my Spirit,” and that is the bottom line. This is the ultimate teaching. Forget about philosophy, science, or quantum physics. It is all just going to take time to give us results. It is all our own fault because we do not want it now. If we want it now, it will come.

You should want it so badly. You definitely need the support of the Divine. You may be saying “I want it now”, but you will notice that you keep on wanting it, but nothing is happening. 

Receive the Spirit of God into your flesh and tongue. Speaking in tongues is a great technique. Receive the Spirit of God into every DNA. Receive his breath through your nostrils, open the mouth and again receive it. 

You will eternally be in the now 

Once the Goddess, which is the Holy Spirit, which is the Shakti of the Father, enters into your body, then philosophy, time, logic – all these become meaningless. 

You are dependent on strategies or people to make you comfortable, forgetting that you can get the Goddess. You are getting the Goddess already. She is inside, she is your intelligence, but it is not sharp, it has not been activated. She lives in the golden lotus of your subtle body which corresponds to your brain, that 1000-petal lotus. 

One day during this Navaratri time, she will dump her spirit into the golden lotus

I do not want to wait for Navaratri. I want to give it to you now so that I am true to myself and to you. Why wait for Navaratri? 

Receive the Goddess, the Holy Spirit. Receive it into your brain, into all parts of the body, your DNA. Then what happens? Getting to know about everything to get into wisdom, all-knowingness, omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence. Why waste time working all the time, and making not enough money? 

Go to the Goddess if you want miracles in your life and want to create miracles in other people’s lives

The Goddess is very important. 

They create time, what can I do? I only can pray to a Goddess or the Creator God, Brahma. Just pour your spirit into the brain so that people will know how to make money, lose weight, be healthy, be full of spirit, not full of ego – Spirit-filled life. 

You are not living even one minute of Spirit-filled life, not even one minute. If you do, then you will be God. What is in between you and God is your ego.”

Tap Into The Life-Transforming Energy Of The Goddess To “Spring Clean” Your Karma

Through this program, Dr. Pillai guides you on how to connect with the Divine energies of Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. The program was originally recorded during the 9 Nights of the Goddess (Navaratri), and intended to enable you to: 

  • Rid yourself of negativity such as ignorance, fear, depression, jealousy, anger, poverty consciousness, and anything that does not serve your highest purpose
  • Gain the power of presence, confidence, and purpose
  • Receive a wealth of wisdom, intelligence, and creative energy
  • Activate material abundance and continued spiritual growth
  • Awaken your highest consciousness to help you fulfill your highest potential

While this program can be used at any time throughout the year, it is most effective when followed during the two Navaratri periods of the year: Spring (Vasant Navaratri) and Fall (Ashwin Navaratri).


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