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“You have to first understand that ‘miracle’ is a state of consciousness wherein you use the full potential of your mind, of your brain.

The bottom line is that you have to train yourself to think differently. Now, everything that we think is negative, is limiting. That is the first stop, whether it is relationship, health, or money miracles.  If we see poverty outside, it is the poverty inside. So you have to focus attention on the poverty inside that you created. What is that? That is the thought process that you have inherited from your genetics, and also what you picked up from the environment that you were born in which is the most important one.

If you grew up in a dysfunctional family, or neighborhood, those thoughts are there and you have to erase them. There are techniques I have taught to erase them, but I will add on more to what I already revealed.

Just within a second you can change and if you make a commitment not to think the same way. You have to ask yourself, why am I not having results on a daily basis? On a daily basis if you really make a 100% commitment that I want results today itself, there will be a result, but you should know what the result you want.

There is a guy who told me that, “I have made 800 million but to make a billion dollar is like a mental block. I will never be able to manifest it.”

You know my theory that I gave to Wayne Dyer: you cannot manifest that which you cannot conceive. So you have to be able to conceive. I gave a great technique to Wayne Dyer which he used and brought millions of people into this. All that you have to do is to take your creative energy, your procreative energy, which is at the lower chakra, and bring it to the third eye chakra. Then, you can create a new reality with the same creative energy that is used to create a baby. That is science.”

– Dr. Pillai


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