It is a Matter of Activating Your Brain

Everybody was born with the same amount of neurons, but it is a matter of activating them, creating new synapses, new understandings. The Siddhas have done that work, even enough to raise a dead person to come to life. It is possible. They have demonstrated it. It is all about using your own breath, not oxygen, that is the problem. Most people think that the breath is oxygen. We have to use minimum oxygen. There will come a point that you do not have to use any oxygen at all. Then, you probably use only hydrogen.


Sounds to Become Unlimited

Ara Kara Enna Ariyadhonrillai,

Ara Kara Enna Arindhilar Maanidar,

Even 2,000 years ago people did not want to know about it. They wanted to make life harder and harder and harder.

Ara Kara Enna Amararum Aavar.

You can even turn the body into light, and this is what Einstein said with E=MC2 – energy and matter are one and the same. All that you have to do is to become light, and when you become light then there is nothing that you cannot do.

So once Swami Ramalingam, the Siddha, turned his body into light, he said, ‘Miracle, miracle.’

Arpudham, Arpudhame,

Arul Arpudham Arpudhame…

He said a state of intelligence called “Arul,” which is omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, entered into my body. What is this Arul? This is a light, and when the light came into me then I can do everything. There is nothing that I cannot do. So what happened? My third eye began to open and then I have immense joy. I have nothing but joy, the body is not aging, and there is no disease in the body.


What to Do to Benefit from the Age of Miracles

This age we are in now is particularly the age for miracles. The scientists are also getting to that level. I am going to play a vital role in this moment of miracles. This is where I am at in my own personal life. I will reveal things that I have not revealed before, and new things that are coming to me that I will pass on to you in this program.

But one thing that I want to emphasize is that, if you think the same way, if you are going to think, ‘This person is negative,’ ‘I’m going to get paid only at the end of the month,’ I can lose weight only after five years of hard work,’ – this kind of thinking will ruin you because thinking becomes the reality. We will have a systematic understanding of how thoughts arise and how you can stop them.

But when you stop the mind and get into emptiness, you should not stay there. That is a negative state also. You have to use that state to reprogram a new reality. All of that will be the part of the program.


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