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Saturn goes backward for six months a year due to its very slow movement. This time it will be retrograding in the sky from March 14th to August 2nd.

Ignoring Saturn is of no use—because his job is to change us and bestow maturity and wisdom through delays or difficulties. But although there is no escaping the effects of his karmic might, we can easily overcome most of its brunt with proper astrological advice and a bit of preparation.

Here are 8 super-easy ways to avoiding trouble and even benefit from this retrograde.

Reflect. Retrograde planets allow you to take time off and mull over your past decisions. Saturn is no exception and this may be a good opportunity to rethink your strategies and career choices. This way, you may be redirected to a different path to success.

Slow down. Achievements may take longer to manifest, but taking extra time to ensure a thorough completion of your projects will benefit you in the long run.

Tough love. Not only is Saturn ‘aspecting’ Taurus, but it is also going back toward Libra, the natural house of relationships. Both houses belong to Venus—the planet giver of romantic connections, luxury and money. These areas may now require some patience. Moreover, from the beginning of April, Venus, too, will be under the influence of Saturn.

So forming new relationships may now seem like hard work, and it’s probably better waiting until August for any serious decisions regarding new partnerships.

Research with care. Saturn is in Scorpio, a house of deep research and investigation. If you are studying astrology or engaging in research, you may have to renew your commitment, as a retrograde Saturn may slow down your results. In August, you’ll be happy you stayed put and didn’t give up when Saturn goes direct.

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Get an astrological consultation. Since some signs may face the harsher effects of Saturn, this is a perfect time to avoid difficulties by consulting an expert.

Be humble and charitable. With Saturn, only one basic attitude gives good results—humility—because the planet of old age and wisdom opposes any egoistic tendencies. Instead, donating your time and money to better the lives of the underprivileged is one of the best remedies for Saturn.

Appease with sounds. All planets are pacified with sound vibrations, the ones that resonate with their unique frequencies. Saturn responds well to OM SHANECHARAYA NAMAHA. This mantra’s power is maximized when chanted on a Saturday, or in the Saturn ‘hora’ (the time in the day that is ruled by Saturn).

Think black. Wearing a planet’s color (even in small amounts) strengthens its influence. Wearing black (or dark blue) on Saturdays will resonate with Saturn and help you understand this planet’s energy better.

Enjoy the energies!

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